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Harlins’ 15 Point Cons Of Long Hair!

Some time in the depths of 2018 Lamo asked Harlin about her long hair in regard to what it was like in living with. She has incredibly long but very lush beautiful hair. He was rather surprised by her responses which we have now dug back out from the annuals of Harlam’s history to post here for your education or is that enjoyment?

For those of you who are blessed or burdened with long hair you may well agree with these points. They are written more for those thinking about growing their hair longer, for that reason here are the daily issues as raised by Harlin in living with such length. Lamo thinks Harlin’s has the most amazingly beautiful hair ever it should be noted.


The 15 Cons Of Having Long Hair (By Harlin)

1. You can never go out with open hair anywhere for a long time period as it will always get tangled easily. (Unless your hair is super duper silky and smooth.)

2. ‎You must always carry a comb. (Seriously you have to.)

3. ‎Washing is never enjoyable unless it’s done by someone else in a hair saloon. ArmDay With such a length bending over with your hair down not only hurts your spine but  your neck as well, especially when it’s done for 10 to 15 mins. OUCH!‎ You can never  wash your hair in upright position, facing shower.

4. One wash is never enough. Cuz of the bulk you have to go in fighting it for round two. To make sure every root and tip has been washed.

5. ‎With the shear amount to was, there is too much water wastage. I can never support and protest with the, “save water, save earth” crews. They’ll definitely kill me. 😂

6. ‎After washing comes drying. Don’t ask how much time does it take to dry my hairy planet. It takes forever in the Winter season, (even after blow drying.) You may not believe this but is takes more than 12 hrs to let em dry on their own. Summers though are much more hair friendly.

7. ‎Combing is more like cursing. Especially when done by others. (Sorry mom.) When mom was in charge of my hairy planet she used to oil my land before landing the comb. (Smart!). But oiling has to be limited during the summer months, cuz you sweat a lot and all the oil starts to nourish your face instead of …. 😉 well you got it. Also our scalp produces its own oil naturally. Therefore, 5 to 6 drops would be enough but that doesn’t solve the problem of tangles.

As a result hair gets pulled while combing. (Thank god I’m brown not black. Otherwise the Afro hair gene would have made me go bald, no kidding)

8. Tieing your hair is biggest problem. People think that long hair means more styling, an opportunity to experiment with your hair all the time. Well f**k no. Ain’t no body got time for that. It’s actually a headache. With length like this you could either go with a braid, low ponytail (if voluminous) or a bun. Ponytail doesn’t last longer for it requires combing to avoid tangles. So on daily basis it’s either a braid or a bun.

High top Buns and Pony tails are the main reasons for headaches, cuz of the heavy burden, (volume). It’s like balancing a weight on your head and trying to act normal. Its the same as balancing books on your head while ramp walking. So girls if you’ve got less hair volume, be thankful! Why? Because you can do whatever you like with your hair. (Most importantly, you can let it flow freely.)

9. ‎Interrupts my sleep: I can never ever ever freely toss from one side to another while sleeping. Cuz the length always gets stuck under my head SleepHair and upper body.

10. ‎Say goodbye to wearing hoods. (Hoodies as the kids say today.) Man I love that type of clothing. For me to wear a hood is not that easy. I have to keep my hair under the shirt to put the hood over my head. But I have found another solution. I now use the hood as a pocket/ storage box for my hair. It conceals my length 😂 and solves the problem of tangles. BOOM GENIUS!

11. ‎Even sitting is difficult, especially when your hair is butt long. I used get my hair pulled by my own butt whilst sitting. (How weirdly funny is that!!) But not any more because I’ve chopped/ trimmed a few inches off and now they are only reaching the very top of my butt.

12. ‎Hair fall: Yes it’s normal and common. But irritating and saddening at some point when you see those long strands everywhere.

13. ‎Colouring greys!!!! Wish i was a millionaire or if there was a permanent solution for it. Seriously it costs me a lot.

14. ‎Nourishing is not an easy job because every time i think about treating my hair nice with eggs, curd, lemon, almond coconut oil or even putting a hair mask, they all follow washing, which is cumbersome, tiring and time consuming. Thanks to mom for all of her effort when i was kid. No really thank you mom.

15. ‎Shampoos and conditioner should be available like petroleum. Seriously, it’s my hair’s basic necessity!!!

I know it’s a hustle to manage such beauty but hey!!! The hair has never disappointed me and always bring me compliments. 😊

16. There is of course another very important point that we should add here, which relates to a story we broke here at Harlam. You need to be aware that with longer hair you are fair more prone to the naughty behaviour of, Hairdressers Are Secret Cloners!


The conclusion is self evident, having long luscious hair is not as easy as others may think it becomes as much a part of Harlin’s life as eating. We hope you both enjoy the points she made in answering Lamo’s question about having such long hair. If there are any you would like to share with us then please do leave them in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

Although as Lamo said;

Hair, what is it good for, absolutely nothing, say it again, Hair!


(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019


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A Minute On The London Tube

This post came about as Lamo spends a lot of his time travelling through the tunnels of London inside a metal tube, yet one thing has always struck him down there. (Oh, if you can’t gather from the description he is referring to the London Tube network.) What on earth is this crazy lion on about in this post. Well read on and he will try to explain more about this weird experience he often encounters.

Every living thing bows to the cycle of time, feeling its affect every waking moment. Its almost relentless march upon whose wave we are propelled forward, a helpless ship upon its endless ocean. Unable to fight it so we have learned to mark its direction. Breaking the eternal line of its form into bite sized chunks enabling us to try to make sense of what we do not understand.

Humanity has broken this unyielding master into smaller characters like years, months, days, hours, minutes seconds, right down to the tiniest fractions like milliseconds, which to be honest really bear no relevance as they are beyond our actual human perception.

Minutes, seconds, these do make sense they feel manageable to us, understandable. We can almost touch them with our feelings, their effect felt as we go about our daily lives. So much so that we can almost count them off in our minds like a mental clock.

As we grow we become so accustomed to these measures it becomes instinctive almost to know exactly how long they are. Our environment of course is a huge help here for we have the light of day and night, the routine occurrences set to act out their function at specific times. Our own bodies giving us inbuilt clocks through the beating tocks of rhythmic heartbeats. Lastly, yet not least we are surrounded by technology, which some part shows a ticking clock counting of the minutes and seconds of our lives. Time then is as much a part of us as the blood flowing constantly around our innards.

Earlier this century a much smarter lion than Lion, by the name of Einstein wrote of time;

Time is relative to the observer, and more specifically to the motion of that observer.

In clever wording he is saying that time can flow differently, relative to each individual, depending upon their circumstances. He said many other smart things to but for the purpose of this post, it is only this quote we need to think about.

Let us now go back to the London Tube, standing upon one of the many platforms deep down below the City above. It is in here that Lamo notices, actually, more feels that time is different. Diluted for some reason, it passes a little slower.

If we take Mr Einstein’s quote to perhaps try and explain this. Is that being below the surface that time some how is affected from the way it behaves above surface? He mentions motion of the person, is the fact we are stood absolutely still waiting for that next subterranean train to turn up affecting how we are perceiving time, adding to the effect?

One thought he ponders is does the mass of people all doing the same thing come together like some cosmic time rod attracting more time to the area? Does not it follow that if there is more time, a minute has to stretch further now to fill it?

Maybe the motion of the tube itself speeding through the tight fitting tunnels some how creates vortexes of time which are blown out in front of it along with the wind we feel on our skin? Both of these are unseen yet we feel the wind act upon us, why can’t time do the same? Going back to our late friend Mr Einsten we also have Gravity conspiring to change time;

Time dilation doesn’t just occur because of relative motion, it can also occur because of gravity. Einstein’s theory of relativity says that gravity is a property of the warping of space and time. So when you have a mass like Earth, it actually warps space and time.

If you’re standing on the Earth, your time appears to move a little bit more slowly than someone up in space, because of the difference in gravity.

Down there in those seemingly endless tunnels, is our friend Gravity also at work. After all we are technically nearer the Earths centre, does this little change in altitude add to the other things affecting Father Time, to be more like Grandfather Time instead?

The title of this post is, “A London Tube Minute” because Lamo has come to experience a minute passing in these depths as being a little longer than a normal one. It actually feels physically longer to him. Do all these things we’ve thought about add up to create a dilution of time in this particular environment? The tonoi  announces in its perky tone, “The next train to Mars will arrive in 2 minutes.” (Well maybe not Mars, not yet anyway!) In then what feels more like two and a half, it finally turns up, which has it been, 2 or 2 and a half?

Measure it then!” is what you are all crying out as you read this post, fair point. But here is the thing. We all know that time plays funny tricks on the Universe. Why would it not affect the things we may use to measure that minute in exactly the same way as Lamo is? The electronics in the clocks we might use, they are all going to measure the minute the same down here thus appearing to use that it is a standard minute. Yet is it like mass hysteria in everything in this time tunnel experiences the same time dilution?

However we try to analyse it, in reality we know logically that it is an impossibility to do so. In our ears though we can always hear Einstein explaining to us, “no time is relative“, why is Lamo’s belief that a minute in the London Tube system is not truly longer than one above it?

In a final thought we all know that people will explain how time goes faster when your doing something you enjoy against something you don’t. As the following quote quite nicely sums up;

In bed its 6am, you close your eyes for 5 minutes, its 07:45.
At work its 13:30, close your eyes for 5 minutes its 13:31!

Would that next then dictate the time dilution would be different when you are travelling towards something you like on the tube, move faster, slower when it is the opposite? Lamo experiences only this extension of time, no matter where he travels to, never the over way around.

Therefore this must rule out the human mood in the tube affecting the time. If it is always slower then does not that common factor point to time itself actually being different here, diluted?

How many of you that use the tube regularly have felt that same change in how time flows here in this world below worlds?

Is a minute on the London Tube actually different to a normal one?


(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019

Humanity, Unrealistic Life?

Humanity is the unrealistic product of life.

A sweeping statement to start a post without a doubt, so why write it? Lamo had a thought about the constant question, “Is there intelligent life out there?” Humanity constantly thinks any life will be representative of us, humans, well let me pose you the following thought to digest as to why this may be a false hope.


Science confirms as fact life emerged on planet earth around 3000 Million years ago during what has been labelled as the Archean era. Which slowly evolved its way through the Protozoic and other interesting named eras until about 443 Million years ago when this planets life forms suffered the very first major extinction level event. Life lost around 86% of the species who had worked so hard to evolve to this point. (Believed to be due to a short yet very severe ice age).

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for us depending on how you view this event, it was not a unique one. There have been five so far in this planets history. The 5 Extinction Events

It is stupidly presumptuous to think that humans would have been the result of evolution from this very early life on Earth. Graptolites, like most Ordovician life, were sea creatures. They were filter-feeding animals and colony builders. Plus the conditions of the actual planet back then, atmospheric content, climate would have had a huge impact on the type of life that would evolve. It would likely be very different to the ancestral type life and climate we would  need to have existed for us come in to being. Lamo thinks it is unlikely that what lived at this time would spawn humanity?

Following this event, life was forced to reset itself, starting to evolve again until along comes a second pesky major extinction level around 375 million years in the past. Perhaps compared to the first it might be considered lesser yet it still wiped out 75% of all life! This would again nudge the majority of life in another evolutionary direction of which perhaps humanity would likely not have been a result either?

At 251 Million years in this planets chequered past we reach what is considered the most prolific extinction event ever in the long history of life on Earth. Wiping out 95% of all life that had evolved to this point. Believed to be a  cataclysmic eruption near Siberia which blasted CO2 into the atmosphere. Methanogenic bacteria responded by belching out methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Global temperatures surged while oceans acidified and stagnated, belching out poisonous hydrogen sulphide. (Sounds horrific).

Despite this over the next 50 million years we have our early Dinosaurs along with very small, controlled mammals come onto the life scene. Obviously there were many other forms of life, but we are talking about that which we humans might have evolved from. In this environment would it have not been more likely those early mammal types would have evolved as non human versions today?

200 Million years in the past comes extinction event number four taking out 80% of all planet life. The cause for this one has not yet been identified although mammals, Dinosaurs did survive in some form. These creatures which dominated the planet were still going strong after 140 million years. Who knows if they would not still be the dominant form of life had a bowling ball from space not intervened?

This then leads us up to the one which every educated human on Earth knows, which is when a very large rock from space puts pay to the dominant Dinosaur form of life. All told this one wiped away 76% of what was living at that time, minding their own business, getting on with living.

It is only after the Dinosaurs are removed mammals finally run free to develop unopposed, slowly but surely evolving into humanity as part of that family. Would mammals have had that freedom to evolve that way if they were not the dominant species on the planet? Or would that natural development have been held back or more likely driven in a completely different direction? In truth we will never know because the fact is the extinction event happened. Those burrowing mammals able to survive rose to the surface to take over as king of the planet, so to speak.

Slowly but surely it was this life that eventually gave birth to human beings.

Lamo’s thought here is if these catastrophic extinction events had not occurred then it is, in his opinion, unlikely humans would ever have evolved as an actual life form on this Planet. Only because of these five events so far, were we given the chance to evolve to be here now, today. Without them is it not much more likely life would look a whole lot different to that which exists today, including us?

Also remember that each of these extinction events were both caused by and created massive climatic changes across the Globe. Had they not then the planets atmosphere may well have remained inhabitable for mammals such as us humans.


Lets take a moment to think about what the clever science folks say about the existence of life out there in the Universe.

Yes, there are some 100 Billion galaxies in the Universe, each with around a 100 Thousand Million stars. Many of these likely have a planet or two within that special life zone in their system where it becomes a Goldilocks place for life. Not to hot, not too cold but just right for it to evolve and thrive. There even exists the Drake Equation which is supposed to show the proliferation of, “active, communicative extra-terrestrial civilisations”, in our own Milky Way.

Yet Lamo believes this magic equation, which daunts humans into absolute belief there is other similar life out there, has not considered the thought of just how much of a fluke we humans actually are. Has life developed out there, of course, it is almost beyond doubt due to the shear hugeness of stars and planets. But Lamo thinks if we stop to think about how circumstance came to produce us, it will not be communicative in a way allowing interaction between them and us.

We have to consider life on other planets would, in all probability, be a continuation of the same kind that formed in the early days of the Earth? (Our friends the Graptolites.) Developing into non human forms with a natural bond to their own planets natural environment, along with the other life forms on it. Even if intelligence is a natural development of life, which must also be questionable, why would it find discontent on its planet to even look to the stars?

All those life forms which existed on Earth for long periods, lets take Dinosaurs, what level of intelligence did they develop? They were on this earth, until the big rock took then out, for 140 million years. Look at the intelligence level they reached over that period, it was not anything like we as humans have. Not even close to a basic comparison, over all that time of evolution. Why do we assume that intelligence is actually a natural development of a species evolution? Dinosaurs may have lived for 1000 Million years never developing to start wondering, “Why am I here?” yet alone ever looking for life outside of their local area to the vastness of space.

Certainly any other planetary life, its communication mechanism is also going to be far more alien to our own. How would we or they ever distinguish each others in the first place to even start any kind of interaction? Lamo thinks we would no sooner be able to communicate with most life in the Universe than we can have a conversation with a tree here on Earth.

We all assume human form type life must exist out there yet we ONLY truly exist through five complete flukes of natural selection extinction events that took place on our individual planet. Each changed the atmospheric and climate across the entire globe to. Think hard about this but what are the chances that these happened exactly the same way, in the same order on similar planets, to the composition of the Earth, to produce intelligent life that would even remotely resemble human?

Hence Lamo’s original quote;

Humanity is the unrealistic product of life.

(c) 2019 Harlin & Lamo The Lion


Friday 13th, Unlucky or not?

This last Friday in September was of course blessed with being Friday the 13th of September. Like many it automatically bought up the thought of being unlucky. As it did in the mind of Lamo, who comes from the British way of thinking associating this day to bad luck through one particular historical story.

He explained to Harlin that here the most common belief for why Friday the 13th is considered to have this superstitious link to bad luck was because of the Knights Templar. From humble soldiers they had risen to hold a lot of power throughout a large part of the world especially Europe.

These brave Knights were widely believed to be protecting the Holy Grail, (The cup that Jesus drank from), at the fateful last supper as well as many other holy objects. They quickly rose to become a bank of sorts to the European Kings. However it was when France lost their War with England, King Philip IV became heavily indebted to our banker Knights.

In 1306, rather than be upstanding to pay back these loans, King Philip of France, with the consent of the Pope and several other country leaders, staged a coordinated attack on the Knights on October Friday 13th. Capturing the vast majority, who were then charged with Satanism, (Weird considering that were protecting the religious relics of Christ!), tortured, then to round their day off, executed.

Thus marking this particular day as a day of evil doings. Now through the ages it has become watered down to being unlucky, rather than evil. Although if you were a Knight Templar, well you would likely be thinking something considerably different as you drew your last painful breath!

It does raise one question though, in that why is it not just Friday 13th of October that is considered to be the bad one? What have all the other months that have these odd dated Friday’s ever done to anyone in the past?

Yet it is this power of these olden documented times within human history which have slowly given 13 such a bad name in today’s society.

Let us venture into another of these death creating legends around this oddly black, dark number. Others trace the infamy of the number 13 back to ancient Norse culture. In Norse mythology, the beloved hero Balder, (God of light, joy purity and the summer sun along with being the son of Odin no less!), was killed at a banquet by the mischievous god Loki. He crashed the original party of twelve, bringing the group to 13.

This of course is not a unique dinner party that went horribly wrong. For many of course we have the better known Christian version of this in what was, “The Last Supper”Balder

We have Jesus with eleven disciples having a lovely meal together one evening. Food, wine flowing freely with great banter, stories being told. When that nasty Roman spy disciple Judas turns up to the festivities. He had a very different agenda altogether when it came down the desert he was after as it was not Ice cream that’s for sure. He was there to serve Jesus up to his friends the Roman’s for a cash reward, not the Cash Converters we know today either. Thanks to this thirteenth man at the group supper, Jesus was located, handed over to the Romans, were they set about him with carpentry tools in the most grotesque manner. Nails hammered through his hands and feet to a huge wooden cross. Left outside to die a very slow death.

This it was, as with the Norse legend with Loki, that having 13 people at a dinner was very unlucky for the host.

Another story that adds to this Friday the 13th being unlucky in Lamo’s country is both Friday and the number 13 were once closely associated with capital punishment. You’d go to court for having had it away from a shop with a loaf of bread where the Judge would then convict you as guilty. Uttering that famous line, “You will be taken henceforth to the Gallows where you will be hung from the neck until you are quite dead.” At which point you would gulp, whilst you still could, at the thought of it.

Within British tradition, Friday was the conventional day for public hangings, and there were supposedly 13 steps leading up to the hangman’s noose. Worse still the noose itself had a whole 13 loops in it, to make sure that when you dropped through the trap door it would snap your neck like a twig. (You know just to make sure you were quite dead!)

Moving forward to one of the most historical events the world ever paid witness to on this subject, if we were to ask NASA and the three astronauts of the Apollo 13 space flight, they would definitely cite the 13th as an awfully unlucky day. BUT it was actually a Monday not a Friday back then in April 1970 when the oxygen tank exploded. It was Friday 17th that they splashed down safely in the Pacific ocean. Yet this becomes engrained into the psyche of people around the world because of the huge TV audience watching events unfold, some how a legend of 13 being hugely unlucky is strengthened by another single moment in human history.

Not to scare those of you who may fall into this final thought around the number 13 but we’ll tell you anyway. There is an old superstition that says if you have thirteen letters in your name, you are bound to be cursed. Silly? Well it becomes slightly more convincing when you consider that a number of notorious murder’s names have exactly this JackTheRipper  number in. Charles Manson, Jack The Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy along with Albert De Salvo. Let us not forget that Adolf Hitler was baptised, wait for it, Adolfus Hitler, (Thirteen letters), we all know about this particular disturbed individual.


We may joke about this number and the effect it has come to have on the people of the world. So much so that there are huge contingencies made to avoid this number. Here in the following text are a few you may or may not be aware of but to us they show how powerful this number has truly come to affect modern society.

  1. Many large hotels do not have a floor thirteen for the huge impact it may have on people staying there. As every single creak they hear as they lay awake in the dark of night is the prelude to the building collapsing, taking them with it.
  2. Plane companies remove the row thirteen seats from their aeroplanes as passengers feel that the plane is going to crash with them dying a horrible death.
  3. In Ireland in 2013 all new cars registered were given the numbers 131 and 132 in the number plates. As people would not buy them for fear of death by burning car wreck if it had 13 in it!
  4. In the US it is estimated that between 17 – 21 million people won’t even leave their house on this particular day, that is some serious reaction to something that actually has no tangible evidence to the contrary!

Yet it has become such a powerful belief within people today it affects their lives quite dramatically as we can see from just this short list. Think about it, it is just a number nothing more, yet look the extremes it drives the modern human race to now!

Did you know?

Triskaidekaphobia, is the fear of the number 13!
Paraskevidekatriaphobia, is the actual fear of the day, Friday the 13th!


Now before we all start crying like depressed cats for all this fear and loathing of this simple number 13 lets now remember, like all things, there are two sides to every story or coin.

Harlin then explained that within the Sikh beliefs our friend thirteen is not considered unlucky at all but actually a very positive number. She told Lamo the following story which her mum had passed down to her about Guru Nanak who like many understood in the Punjabi language, “Tera”, means number 13, and “Tera” also means ‘yours’, that is ‘I am Yours, O Lord.

Jai Ram, Guru Nanak’s brother-in-law was serving as dewan (steward) to the governor, Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi of Sultanpur. It is said that both Jai Ram and Rai Bular were of the opinion that Guru Nanak was a saint ill-treated by his father; and thus Jai Ram promised to find a job for him in Sultanpur.

Guru Nanak’s sister was deeply devoted to her younger brother. On their annual visit to Talwandi, when she noticed her father’s impatience at her brother’s indifference towards worldly activities, she decided to take him to Sultanpur. Her father gave his consent hoping he would choose a good profession.

GuruNanak Jai Ram got the Guru the post of a store-keeper of Nawab’s state granary where the grain was collected as a part of land revenue and later sold. The Guru carried out the duties of the store-keeper very efficiently. The minstrel Mardana subsequently joined the Guru and other friends too followed. Guru Nanak introduced them to the Khan, who provided them suitable jobs in his administration. Every night there was Shabad-Kirtan (singing divine hymns).

One day he was weighing provisions and was counting each weighing as ‘one, two, three… ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen’. When he reached the number thirteen (13)- ‘Tera’ (in Punjabi language Tera means number 13, and Tera also means ‘yours’, that is ‘I am Yours, O Lord’), he went into meditation.

Guru Nanak went on weighing by saying, “Tera, tera, tera…” The customers were happy to receive the extra provisions and did not know how to carry so many goods. They could not understand the bounties of the Lord.

Ultimately the situation reached Nawab Daulat Khan when a charge was levied against the Guru that he was recklessly giving away grain. The Nawab ordered an inquiry which was conducted very carefully. The Guru’s detractors were surprised when the stores were found full. In fact, the accounts showed an extra surplus in favour of Guru Nanak.

Here we see the value that is placed on the number 13 is religiously a sign of great good  rather than that of the English identifying it as a bad sign. This though isn’t the only positive view of our friend Mr Thirteen.

We at Harlam believe in Angel Numbers. In brief, is we take this odd number 13 that so many seem to want to tip toe around, it actually has the following meaning;

The Angel is informing you that you have what it takes to manifest your desires but this is only achieved when you remain positive in your thoughts.

You could say there was an ambiguous tone to this about negative thoughts not allowing you to achieve your goals. Yet this is not unlucky or evil but a positive drive to encourage you to better things. For us at Harlam, this is a good sign arising from the encounter of this oddly judged number.

Ironically, going back to our poor fiends the Knights Templar, France in the modern age consider Friday the 13th to be a lucky day. (Hmm wonder where that tradition may have come from and at whose expense?) As we are saying here two sides to every bloodied coin. Their National lottery actual organise a very special draw if it is a Friday 13th as many in that Country choose it to make bets, for it is a lucky day!

Let us now draw to our rather powerful friends in the World today, the Chinese. With their seat at the World table, along with their not unwieldly population of around 2 billion, we must take serious thought to why it is considered a very lucky number there. Not tarnished with, death, blood, torture and general mishap as the western world see it.

Here the digit 1 when it is in the position of tens sounds like the word, “definite” (shi) in Manderian as well as Cantonese. Add to this that the digit 3 sounds like “living” or “birth”, when they are added together becomes pronounced as “shisan” meaning “definitely vibrant”. Making it as far from unlucky as you can possibly get.

Finally lets ask a modern idol of the western world what they think to the concept of it being lucky or unlucky. If you were to ask Taylor Swift about this number she would sing to you how incredibly lucky it is! She was born on December 13th, (Although this was a Wednesday not that it matters.), TaylorSwift  But she became a teenager turning 13 on December Friday 13th 2002. Her first self titled album, “Taylor Swift”, went gold in 13 weeks. If that was not enough 13’s for this young lass, her first song had, yes you guessed it, a 13 second intro! In her life 13 has come to represent great fortune even though she lives in the western world that seems plagued to see it as an omen. Again just showing how it is a persons perspective, nothing more, sets how their personal feelings are around how they see this number and particular day.


Our conclusion starts with the premise that nothing can be opposites of it own self. We know that a simple number cannot be both good AND bad all at the same time, it can only exist as one or the other. Here though, this is only a number at the end of the day, one in a long series of others created for the sole purpose of quantifying other things. How does something like this then come to represent such extremes, good and bad luck to different people around our world?

For us it becomes more about the culture you have been exposed to growing up that shapes your belief to something as simple as a number which slowly defines how many will live their lives. How you react to an inanimate number becomes so powerful based on your personal experience from society and those around you.

People learn this thinking at a young age that 13, whether the number or Friday the 13th, is either lucky or unlucky which then becomes ingrained, almost rigid within their minds as they age, yet there is not real rational for it. Just stories, analogies one way or the other which become part of the lifetime psyche. Yet it does so for all those around them are hammering this one sided view into them over time without them ever giving it rational thought.

The evidence isn’t hard to come by, of course for either, especially those who think it unlucky but worse it then becomes a self perpetuating belief . If you are involved in an accident one Friday the 13th, lose your wallet, or even spill your coffee, well then your mind will strengthen the stories you’ve heard with the bad luck you had that day.

But if you stop to think about it, bad things, big and small, happen all the time. If you’re looking for bad luck on Friday the 13th, you’ll probably going find it. But you pay it no real significance on all those other days of they year because there is no stigmata attached to it.

It is purely a cultural thing, as Lamo and Harlin have seen from growing up in cultures that are continents apart. For those in the western world that allow it to stall or creative negativity in their life, maybe they should take from our post to see how actually it is not the all powerful evil number. Applied with the right historical thinking, how the Chinese show that it is a hugely lucky sign, or the Sikh’s Guru Nanak. Even if we take from the Knights Templar and King Philip IV, even here it is only your perspective that sets your belief for exactly the same experience. In the final analysis, it as when all has been said and done, just a number.


(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019


How do you see the number 13, lucky, unlucky or the infamous day Friday 13th? Are there any folklore stories you can share with us? We would love to hear from you?

The Cycle of The Soul?

At Harlam we were talking recently about Lamo’s late mother who passed away many years ago, in the conversation Harlin expressed joy that she may well now be out there again, living another life, as she believes in reincarnation.

Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that the non-physical essence of a living being starts a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death. It is also called rebirth or transmigration, and is a part of the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence.


The belief is that when a soul dies it returns within a newly born human in a cycle of continual existence.

Lamo then asked a very weird question about this form of the souls existence. Assume there are eight billion people that inhabit the Earth. If there was some kind of world wide epidemic that wiped out, lets say 50% of the population, how does reincarnation work there? Now there are not enough soul containers available for all those who die to return to?

Expanding on this, as a soul can return in any form within nature, assume the other species on the Planet were also victim to the epidemic, resulting in their numbers dwindling by 50% to. In effect in this hypothesis you have eight billion souls but there are now not enough new babies or other forms of new life for them to fill. What happens to these souls now after the bodies physical death?

Harlin put forward the following thought;

I believe origin of souls was like a big bang. Our souls are fragments of one big giant energy source. So when this whole apocalyptic or epidemic thing happens, souls will shrink back as ONE into this huge ethereal pool of life energy.

Think about god as one entity and his messengers, (as species), like Jesus, prophet, buddha, gurus and other lords as energy fragments of the main source. When they departed from earth, their energy was contained, right back to their original source. This would offer a solution to what happens to those excessive souls if there are no free life containers for them to be reused within. They are simply absorbed back into this infinite pool of life energy.

At Harlam we have talked before about the separation of souls we see being a sub part of something larger. Perhaps not a collective conscious per se? Lamo’s thought is we have a unique soul at whatever state it exists, here in the physical world or if we are part of some ethereal ocean of Gods mind. He is not sure that we lose our individual soul when we go back to that larger Ocean.

Belief that there is an original perhaps limitless Ocean of life energy, that somehow God takes a bucket, dips it in and then that bucket full of that energy becomes us, our individual soul for all time. The thought that when we physically die our soul is then poured back in in this ocean to lose all that we were, is a little sad. If this was the case then how that would make an eternal soul?

Lamo wonders if we take our individual soul nuances with us somehow, slowly building more dimensions within it. If we come back as an Animal then when that dies it is added to the knowledge of our bigger individual souls experience?

Harlin expanded on the concept of an ocean of life energy saying that we could part of one big ocean but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our identity during the process of getting back together?

Or does reincarnation necessitate a wiping of the souls memory of previous incarnations? If so then again, it means that we only exist within this single life span, whether we are human, animal or other being? It would raise the question then though that it would stop the soul from being eternal even though it may exist forever. If the uniqueness is removed each time it is reincarnated, it simply becomes like a continually reused shopping bag, unaware of the previous contents it carried before?

Eternal soul“, is quite the statement to. In theory it cannot be everlasting as the ethereal energy pool is a product that is bound to this single Universe. Which we know has a beginning but more importantly, at some point an end. Surely our soul is only as eternal as the Universe in which it exists?

Another idea, for as Harlin rightly says, “Many theories can be plotted on this subject. We could only assume how it may work, only as far as our imagination takes us“, what if humans, plants, animals along with other forms of life are part of Gods organs. If God is just one body then we, all life, are just cells of a particular organ? Its a different analogy that she uses on the belief of Pantheism that the Universe and God are one and the same. The following is a thought from this belief as to what happens when we die;

“At our death the temporary separation of our genetic structure and our consciousness is ended, and we are more fully united with nature and the cosmos, and the matter of our bodies is recycled into new life. During the process of dying we should relax into this realization, float and drift in the sea of matter. Such an attitude is far more calming than to worry whether we are headed for heaven or eternal torment – or whether we’ll be reborn as a cockroach or a king.”

Harlin sometimes thinks that our existence is selfish. We are born with one purpose called LIFE no matter what the journey is all about. After all if we think truly about it, the only person we spend our entire life with, it is our self. Here the idea is when this solo mission is accomplished then its THE END. Our purpose is to live in harmony with none other than our own SELF firstly and lastly. To accept who we are, to love ourselves, understand our own unique soul.

When Lamo queried what she meant by this, she explained how she had learned from patients in the ICU ward she once worked, about near death experiences. These people had talked of being given a choice, of coming back, or moving on. The thought is that we live many physical lives during human history, in each we learn a new lesson about life, existence. When that physical life ends we take that knowledge gained but are then guided by what are master souls, those that have acquired more knowledge than our own. They then guide us in choosing where to then live our next life, but given a specific idea, lesson to learn, to continually expand our knowledge. Eventually we will become master souls, where we have learned what THE END actually is.

There is another side to this constant living of past lives, in that if we wronged someone, then we owe that soul a debt to be repaid. Until we do, then when we die, we cannot move on until we go back as many times as are needed to set right our indiscretion. Until we have lived a pure life, with all conscience clear, with all our fears removed, we will continue to come back to live another life. She refers us to the fascinating book of Dr Brian Weiss – Many Lives, Many Masters who expands greatly on this idea.

Lamo thought this was an interesting idea then offering the next thought. He wondered if God gave us free will, the ability to make those choices Harlin described, (To be selfish), but if they are more like choosing subjects at University. Once you finish, die, our choice of belief then defines where you, (your soul), goes next?

Well what Lamo wonders is that, if a person chooses to believe it simply ends when you die, then God grants that, ending that souls existence. (Maybe going back to the eternal Ocean but as recycled energy). Or like Harlin, if you choose to believe, in reincarnation, in whatever form that is, then when you do God again grants you that choice you made when your current physical body dies? Like some kind of reward for finding your own belief, although during life it is hidden. After all we should not be swayed to do something knowing we will get a treat for doing so.

Here is a thought. Maybe through reincarnation we are able to learn all the things of the Universe, however that may happen. Eventually when we have experienced enough life cycles, at the end we understand how the Universe actually works. In reaching this level of education, we are then given our own Universe were we are now God?

It would go towards answering one more thought of Harlin’s. She  added to our conversation that maybe this whole “life and universe” thing is just an experiment set up by God, In order for us to figure out. God must be making new models with new set of brains commanding, “Go. Live. And try to figure out who your master is!” Whether the answer to that question is God or we reach the conclusion that we our masters of our own self having been afforded the opportunity, maybe guidance, from God?


How do we draw a conclusion on our journey of thought we have travelled within this post? We think that Harlin summed it up beautifully when she quoted;

Many theories can be plotted on this subject. We could only assume how it may work, only as far as our imagination takes us!

 As humans we can only surmise about the nature of our soul, where it may originate to whether it may be eternal. In the greater scheme of the Universe with the design principals that God has built it to are well beyond our comprehension, maybe even our rich imagination. The one thing that both Harlin and Lamo do agree is that no one is right, yet no one is wrong with what they believe, it is as individual to each living being as is their soul. In life we should continue to strive to understand, strengthen that belief or find a reason to adapt it. For when we do leave this physical body is the life we lived the defining experience that sets up the path of where our soul then goes?

When we write our posts we are not writing them as, “This is how it is.“, we try to share our own ideological, even theological beliefs with each other as it helps us expand our understanding of what might be possible. We hope that you who read our words are then encouraged to evaluate your own beliefs, for they are as right as anyone else’s. Please do leave comments we love to hear from others.


(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019

To Colonise Mars, don’t we first need Humans?

Our post today came about after Lamo watched a documentary on the planned Orion mission to Mars. In order to give you context around our thoughts we give you an extract from a paper that claims Space Exploration benefits mankind.

There is no activity on Earth that matches the unique challenges of space exploration. The first fifty years of space activity have generated benefits for people around the globe. This past record gives strong reason for confidence that renewed investments in space exploration will have similarly positive impacts for future generations.

We take issue with this in that if this is true then how come in the last 50 years we have not made an impact on world famine, third world poverty, climate change. In fact most, if not all, of these have these have gotten worse in the last five decades!

Orion, the manned mission to Mars is going to cost around $217.4 billion (£172,927m). Correct me if we are wrong but this one single space program could fund scientific research into food production in starving third world countries rather than how to enable eight people to fly across the solar system to, well to do what exactly? The money alone eats at our very being in this supposed great innovation platform that betters the world for us.

Booster Test for Space Launch System Rocket
How much Energy wasted?

Whilst watching the documentary on the Orion mission they were making a huge thing about how immensely powerful the rockets to get this frankly wasteful payload into space are. As Lamo watched this long cylindrical engine blowing out some number of millions of pounds of thrust in flame, he had the following thought. He wondered how much electricity that could generate if used in a country that has none? We mean just look at the energy doing absolutely nothing but moving some dial on a loading meter somewhere saying, “Hey I can get 100 tonnes and eight humans into space.

We say, how much electricity could you generate in places that need water purifiers, or powered medical facilities etc. to save the children that charities are constantly showing us on TV? Now that’s a true benefit!

Also it struck us there is huge waste of the elements Oxygen and Hydrogen, around 730,000 gallons of super cooled liquid versions. This is just the one core booster. If you think about all the other US space programs, all doing the same testing, all using these limited resources up. Then multiply that by all the other countries around the world with their space programs, that’s got to add up to a lot of rich beneficial breathable O2 we no longer have here?

It isn’t as though we are not wasting the rather valuable Oxygen already by us poisoning the seas, deforestation and other harmful activities and yet we burn it in these tests! Then more in launching this ship to achieve what exactly? Ok we must be fair and say these two elements being burnt produce only water vapour as a waste product. (Well apart from all that smoke).

Here is yet another benefit they claim is due to space exploration.

Maintaining the health of astronauts as they explore beyond Low Earth Orbit and conduct missions of many months or years will require increasingly sophisticated methods. Telemedicine provides medical care to patients who may be located far away from medical providers.

Let us take this supposed innovation. It is true that in May 1965 NASA did propose their IMBLMS (Integrated Medical Behavioral Laboratory Measurement System) program. But it was originally ten year earlier, in 1955, that the University of Nebraska in conjunction with Ron Dutton who were the first to use closed circuit television and radio transmitted records for treating psychiatric patients. (Telemedicine). It was not an innovation of NASA, I don’t argue that their program developed it much further from the mid sixties onwards.

Yet with the technology development pace in the last fifty years and in no small part, the Internet, these advances in remote diagnostics for medical care would have developed to where they are today anyway I believe.

Second they talk about caring for people in a micro gravity environment. Correct me if we are wrong but don’t nearly 8 billion other people all live within the pull of the Earths gravity?

Clean Air Technology?

Now here is another thing, air recycling solutions that keep the astronauts alive during their two year journey or what ever it is. Very advanced, keep their life giving breathable air clean so they arrive all fresh faced on Mars. If space exploration were to give one thing back, then why have these not been scaled up to scrub the polluted air of major cities? That would be giving back something of high benefit to us would it not?

Why are we using space exploration as an excuse to say it is needed to drive innovation? Are there not enough serious issues on our planet that need solving first with this huge amount of resource that is being given over to going to a dead planet? Is not the survival of the human race even more of a driver for these innovations? To me we have our priorities completely with the wrong focus here!

It boggles our minds when they say that the missions help us understand the development of the Solar system, we give you this quote, from the same paper;

In recent years, a number of agencies have conducted robotic space missions that have uncovered new knowledge about the solar system’s past and present and are providing clues to help humankind understand how life began on Earth.

All very nice but it does not solve the problem with the way life is dwindling on this planet right now does it? How does it solve famine, disease, poverty, over population, someone please explain this to me? (No didn’t think you could!).

They have developed high protein food sachets that keep astronauts fed during these missions. Why have these not been mass produced to send out to the third world countries where children are starving to death? Why are these kept to the domain of expensive space travel?

Again they can recycle the air and water within a space craft, where in the world this this is actually desperately needed has it been deployed to the benefit of the human race? How about cleaning the air in and around our major metropolitan areas first, help seriously reduce those harmful greenhouse gases that are destroying this world?

We do not need the space exploration excuse to drive these desperately needed technologies, we can look at our own home, the Earth, for this. The world is dying, is this not enough to drive all the innovative organisations, not just NASA to develop technologies that actually do benefit the human race?

Regardless of the last fifty years, lets go back to the original, “Space Race” between the then two super powers of the US and Russia. This was not about the benefit of the human race, it was about dominating the cold war. The ability to be able to get a nuclear arsenal payload to the others cities, no more no less. It was from this that the ability to explore space was actually born, think about that!

Oops there goes another $2.1 Billion!

Yes, maybe today’s space exploration will show us that we could eventually colonise Mars but don’t we need a human race that can survive on Earth first to do this.

We think this should be aptly renamed, “The Space Waste”.

Here’s a thought, using all the money and resources poured into Space Exploration, why don’t we use this to first save our own species along with planet Earth from destruction before we have no one left to actually go to colonise Mars?

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion

Further Reading

The Paper on Beneifts Of Space Exploration – This one is by NASA themselves!

Afflictions of the Smartphone Age.

Smartphones, a good thing or something worse? With them has come one of the biggest changes to human society without a doubt. We here at Harlam believe this modern day age of communications, which may offer some benefits, also introduces several new truly awful afflictions. Quite a few in fact, prompting us to take some time to define them here for you today. In this post we would like to bring your attention to these, well almost disease like afflictions, in order to educate you about them. Perhaps in seeing the symptoms you may be lucky enough to catch yours early in order to resolve it before it completely ruins life.


(Smartphone Blindness). This is one that can cause injury, either to the one Cellphone-Obsession_edited1 suffering from it, or to others who are just innocent victims of it. The symptom of this one is seen in the one suffering walking along but their gaze is transfixed upon their Smartphone. Resulting in the effect that they walk into others without seeing them.

In very severe cases they have been known to end up so stricken with Sphind that they have ended up in a different City when simply trying to get to the local shop for some milk.

Please read our full report on this in our previous blog post Sphind – A Modern Day Affliction


(Smartphone Anti Social Behaviour). Of all the new afflictions that these modern day devices of Satan have unleashed, Harlam find this one the most heart breaking of all.

We see this everywhere within modern groups who are out to socialise, interact with other Sphantaviour human beings as is their natural behaviour. Yet somehow this little electronic parasite infects them, causing them to retreat back within their own anti social world.

How often do you, (Well those of you who don’t suffer from this horrible epidemic of course), see those who do sat at the same table in a social gathering, rather than talking to those right next to them, are conversing with someone else in the ether using this devilish Smartphone.

What really makes us sad of heart here though is how this affects those supposedly out on a romantic tryst. Here the heart, soul and mind should be focused on the object of your love, enjoying loving chat with, as is the age old human pre mating way. But no, instead they sit there opposite each other over a meal, coffee, drinks for two not gazing into each others eyes as nature intended sharing that magical moment but down at that screen.

They would be better off just staying at home, saving the expense of the romantic setting, messaging each other on the device that causes this sad affliction, whilst ignoring their family around them! (Perhaps the lesser form of this horrible affliction?)


(Smartphone Dyslexia), Lamo himself has fallen pray to this one, with his paws not being the best things to use to type messages on Smartphones. After all one form of pad on another is definitely asking for the creation of inbred messages.

He will be thumping away on the electronic keyboard that has letters that are like grains of sand to his furry extremities, unaware he has tapped on the letter next to the one actually needed. Where such a beautiful word as, “love” in a message of heartfelt sentiment becomes, “lice”, which completely changes the tone of what is being conveyed.


(Smartphone Thumb). Evolution will have life adapt to the ever changing surroundings in which it lives. Lets face it technology has changed humanities environment beyond all recognition of sanity if we are honest.

HugeThumb From our crawling out of the primeval oceans as we dragged our sorry arses on to the lands of this world. As we went from walking on all fours to our erect bipedal stature of today so has the smartphone begun to change our future evolution to come.

As more of the population succumb to this viral epidemic of modern communication, our thumbs are becoming mutated by its unending speed of attack.

Each letter our thumbs hammer out, as fast as a bacteria grows by division, develops its muscle and shape. Slowly as the generations become more integrated with these electronic extensions of their lives, so the thumb becomes larger with it.

One advantage of course is when the smartphone breaks, taking your Uber app with it, you will be able to hitch hike a lift far more easily with a thumb this size.


(Smartphone Autocorrect Dyslexia). This is the one that proves without doubt that Skynet will soon exist bringing with it the supposed fictitious judgement day, as it’s ever developing parasitical artificial intelligence hatred of humans develops under the skin of our extended limb.

You’ll be typing away completely oblivious to the fact the auto correct has changed the SkynetAutocorrect word you wanted to write for one it thinks will cause the most upset to the recipient of the message. Whilst it builds up to the, “Global Thermal Nuclear War”, app which it will then use to launch judgement day, it will content itself with causing both embarrassment and conflict between us Smartphone addicted users.


Final Thought

Humanity is becoming consumed by technology, none more so than this little electronic parasite that infests our every day life now. We at Harlam have started to wonder if we are too late now and humans will not be able to survive without it for having formed a symbiotic relationship with it.

We fear if there was now some cosmic disaster which wiped technology from the world, humanity would not survive. For it would be almost like having our very hearts pulled from our bodies due to our unnatural reliance on it. Ask yourself, how long could you survive without your smartphone today? We think if you give it serious thought, the answer will scare you, as it should.

Is it too late to find a cure to these technological afflictions or will the Earth finally be inherited by those who are immune to the false ease of life they actually bring?


(c) Harlin and Lamo The Lion

Please feel free to use the Harlam terms we have defined but if you do then please reference us as the originators and copyright holders.

Thank you.

The Silent World War

This post came about through a very sad incident within the world that Harlin frequents, that of the noble world of medical care. Two interns had been viciously attacked being put into critical conditions themselves.

History shows us how violent a world we live in, so many wars that have raged, so many that still rage. Yet within these there is an almost unwritten rule that those running medical care, on either side, are not to be touched during the battles.

But the point Harlin raised, about medical staff being attacked, we mean look at WWII, it was almost unheard of for medical facilities, boats, even on the Battle field that these people were ever targeted!

Yet how is it that in a Hospital, outside of any conflict, SmurfViolence two interns who have advocated to a life of care for others, are attacked for no rhyme nor reason? Harlin sadly also told the tale of another Doctor, a neuro surgeon, who was savagely punched in his own clinic. He had tried the absolute best he could with his unique skills to save a patient with brain surgery. Yet despite his best work effort, could not save the patient. For that, rather than appreciate the chance he presented with his skills in trying to save the patient and thank him, they attack him. (See link in further reading.)

Why beat upon those who are there to save others, potentially putting others at risk through injury to these amazing specialists? This was the thought that then directed our conversation.

It is not within just this profession were this attitude is becoming more prevalent these days but it is everywhere, all around us, this random, senseless act of being violent, why?

Lamo and Harlin were talking about this incident that occurred within her countries medical practices as it has become almost common place there now. It was that interns had been attacked, for no real reason. It led us to our thoughts about how the world has become like this, what possible reason creates this hidden hatred that will just randomly erupt.

Humans now fly of the handle for no reason anymore! Lamo wondered if it is a result of overpopulation perhaps? Just so many people all clambering on the dwindling resources our planet has to offer up, that some kind of primal survival instinct is being bought back from the depths of our sub conscious. A primeval need to fight for the scraps between rival tribes in order to stave of dying from hunger.

Only in this modern age, it is driven by the segregation of the chasm between the rich and the poor, were those without are now the dominant tribe cast out into the wilderness from the might high towers of the opulent to fight over what they leave.

It has reached epidemic proportions now where we should speak out about this more, yet nearly all take the safety of staying quiet for the consequences of speaking out put a target upon your own back.

People these days are filled with so much rage, that the simplest of actions can spark violence within society now. TomandjerryViolence If you lash back it incites escalation which leads to you being stabbed, shot, losing your life for no reason more than you happened to be standing in the wrong place doing nothing to the antagonist who suddenly enters your life at that moment.

We see it so often here in London, an act as someone bumping into another on the street, accidentally splashing another with a drink in a crowded pub, truthfully insignificant unintentional accidents. What drives some to become violent in temperament that to accept the given apology? Escalate it to the realm of verbal, and in many cases now physical retaliation? Retaliation for what we have to ask. Again where does this deep rooted rage suddenly rise up from for something that is to all intense and purposes harmless.

Is it a primeval instinct that has been coaxed back to the surface because of society? We wonder if there is a hidden long term pent up frustration based mental time bomb created by the invisible illusion of freedom.

Free World“, is a term we here in the western half of the globe here all the time, yet in reality we are not. Beaten down by the oppressive reign of corrupt Governments who whilst conveying the lie of democracy, actually take more freedoms away from us in costly legislation, policies, takes that keep the masses subdued. Whilst the unselected elite few, live off that power they hold, whilst trampling more and more controls on the rest.

Does that knowledge through the more informed connected world, slowly get ingested within our sub conscious, which snaps into rebellion when triggered by the most innocuous of individual situations which lash out at the unsuspecting innocent rather than the true human antagonists so safe in the protected ivory towers?

Human behaviour, especially toward each other, is shaped so strongly during childhood but the immediate environment around us, in the olden days being family and close friends.

The new generations are exposed as a matter of course to playing on technological substitute parents, smartphones, games consoles. Is it because the real parents are  too busy fighting the conformities of society, working, to pay the ever increasing cost of living those in power continue to thrust upon us that they are not given the time to shape their kids? Or is it that in this modern age many parents just can’t be bothered anymore?

Either way, these future generations are exposed to games, comics even films where violence is no longer condoned but galmourised. This must therefore also guide their responses when their mind snaps into the violence we see today, especially it is very sad to say in the younger generations.

All these subliminally teach them that violence is ok when defending against violence. Yet we all know, violence will begat violence in a never ending scale of escalation. Why are we not teaching a little of the, “Turn the other cheek”? tom-jerry9 We are pretty sure that this attitude will generally remove the fire for the flames of violence to be fanned in most situations. It will die, and people move on with their lives, perhaps one muttering under their breath briefly but no one actually hurt?

Yet this mindset is removed from the new generations through what they learn from these false technological teachers, from those that create entertainment media as a whole. How they can say it does not cause violence do not understand that it becomes the fatal trigger the provokes the impressionable mind into believing themselves the hero if they beat their antagonist, no matter how unintentional that situation they created.

To strengthen this thought of the younger generation, we would ask this final thought. People brag about how we live in a, “Civilised Society“, how then if this is true does it allow the following to happen?

Two young women, in love, after having a lovely night out in north London are travelling home on the bus. With no provocation they are viciously attacked by four teenagers. This is not civilised in any definition we at Harlam can find. (See link in further reading.)

What we here at Harlam see is that this problem is getting worse and not slowly either but with a very frightening exponential momentum.

Yes, the world has always been violent, with wars waging etc but this is a silent War, a new world war that affects everyone more or less? For us the most horrifically scary question that it raises, “Can it now be stopped?” As without stopping now to find the cause is it too late to sop this human path of destructive behaviour?


(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019


Further Reading on the stories referenced in this Blog

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  2. Doctor Attacked in Kolkata

Letter To Death

Dear Death,

We have recently found ourselves becoming curious over you and your existence. Not that you don’t exist but questions about who you are, your role in the Universe. If indeed you are bound to our Universe at all that is. We all hear the phrase “God’s Plan” here but is it?

Our minds wonders do you determine when a living thing is to be released and it’s soul given over to God, or are you simply doing God’s bidding? If so then the image we have of the “sands of time” being in your procession disappears. Destroys the idea that you are the one who sets out what time a life has to exist, in essence why do you need to be? What function would you play in the Universe if this were the case we wonder?

Harlin raised the thought that your are a “rescuer“, to release us from the binds of the restricted physical mortal life to something much more wonderful?

It got us to thinking, do you exist because of God, or does God exist because of you? Is it maybe that you are God just dressed differently? Are you the manifestation of God sent to collect the soul when the physical life it had finishes within Gods plan? In which case this letter is completely mute of course.

On the other side of the ethereal coin though, is God a manifestation of you? As for you to exist you must have life to end but in order for that to be, there must be a life giver.

Whilst so many fear you, we wonder if we should in fact thank you. As it was you who bought the creator into being who then created us in order to justify your existence. Well, sorry, not justify for this is a human construct, give purpose to your eternity as we see it?

We both, (Tentatively), look forward to meeting you that you may give me the answer we seek, but not too soon we hope.

Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019

Can a Real Memory be one from a Dream?

We write this post as a means to get a question answered if it is possible to do so. Lamo has been talking to Harlin about a specific experience that has happened to him twice now in his life. It has been making him feel like he is, “Losing his marbles“, as the saying tells us and in talking it through we cannot find a sane answer.

It is in regard to memories that seem to be very distinct, yet appear not to be real. These false memories come to him every now again and have done for many years. They are not just single moments but recur periodically.

In his mind there is what seems like a memory of a book he read many years ago. The weird thing is it feels to him more like a memory of a dream than of

Which Is Real?

something real. He feels as though he read the book in a dream. Now it is the dream about reading the book he is remembering rather than it being a real incident in his waking life. If it happened about one literary volume would be odd enough but there have been two very separate memories of fictional works!

With each of the two books he can remember the basic premise and the wisp of the story line. It is always the same though; in remembering it nothing new is added. With normal memories there are usually associated ones formed adding to the original but not in these instances for Lamo.

It being a dream rather than real is backed up by the fact that in both cases he, and Harlin, along with a couple of very close friends, cannot find any reference to either book’s synopsis anywhere! This does seem to imply Lamo did dream about reading these books rather than in real life.

Here we hit the crux of the problem. The question if this is even possible as popular science tells us that one thing us humans cannot do in dreams is read! We will share the following scientific reasoning behind this;

When we dream, the part of the brain responsible for logic and intellect shuts down, allowing us to accept crazy dream stuff as reality while at the same time inhibiting our ability to interpret letters and numbers.

If this is true, science often is being based on logic and fact, this adds to poor Lamo’s confusion over just what is real against that which is not. If he had read the books in real life then his recollection of the synopsis, although vague, should lead to finding the books. Lets face it the Internet is rarely lacking in allowing us to find such things with reasonable search criteria. Why is it neither of these books can be found?

Much like a coin with its heads and tails there is a contradiction to this nice scientific explanation from the field of dream analysis. Whilst they talk little about the reading of the books, they do describe the genre types. Lamo’s were both fiction books, here we pull an extract from the common analysis;

Fiction Book: A fiction book in your dream suggests that you are looking for ways to be entertained or that you feel the need to escape from reality.

As this question we ask of you is about memories, this is what they say about dreaming of such;

To dream of a memory would mean there is a message for you, something that needs to resolved about that memory that was recalled in a dream.

What we need to be resolved at Harlam is whether science trumps dream analysis or the other way round in this weird case.

Hence the question to you posed in this post, “Can a real memory be one from a dream?” We are of the thinking if this is the case then therein lies the answer to Lamo’s current dilemma. shutterstock_124521184 He is now remembering a specific part of a dream, a memory, which is about the reading of book but within the dreams past. If this is occurring it circumvents the scientific limitation about reading in dreams because he didn’t. What he did do was dream a memory of the reading event which now in his waking state is what he remembers.

Why we are asking this question is to understand whether it was his subconscious mind giving him a creative idea for a book or if he actually really read it? What concerns Harlam is this; if he does start to use this as a basis to write a book only to find it is a real one, he has wasted precious writing time.

You may ask us to share the synopsis of these two books to see if you could find them. We thought about this but do not want to share the synopsis with everyone in case it was created within his own mind. What writer would give a good story line away for some one else to potentially use to their own advantage? In not sharing we know it makes it harder to find out if it was a true book or not, in essence a  “Catch 22”. (Which we do know is a real book!)

Please leave your guidance, answer or any similar experience in the comments below, we would really love to heard from you on this.

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