The Interfaces of the Soul?

In one of our more philosophical, spiritual, perhaps actually “deep” conversations is a much more apt description, we found ourselves talking over an idea from Lamo, that perhaps the Soul is actually some form of a multi interface entity of some sort?

What do we mean, well lets start with the big one, is the mind just one interface that is somehow connected to our Souls? Does the human mind act merely as some sort of input device that allows the Soul to interact with this current perceived physical reality? This being the reason why we can’t understand the Mind because it is not what actually makes us us but is just an means of getting input from this reality to the Soul? It is our soul that is actually who we are?

Harlin took this thought a little further in that maybe our belief, feeling towards the spiritual realm is actually just another interface of our Soul? That sense of being connected to some higher spiritual plane is just another unseen connection of what is our Soul?

We both thought about the fact we often use the term, Soul mates, wondering if perhaps a Soul has a few special interfaces to others that we believe connects those two people so strongly?

We have come to name this between us with the term, “Psychs“, were for no explainable reason one knows what the other is thinking, or feeling. Not through telepathy but through a more plausible unseen connection that exists between the two Souls.

The dictionary defines this as; “Psychomancy” – occult communication between souls or with spirits.

Thus we came to wonder if for all these reasons perhaps the soul is some form of multi interfaced unknown, even unknowable, entity. A little like we think of a computer having many interfaces but in this case it is to all those  things we can’t explain?

Lets finish with everyone’s favourite, Death, which could simply be the soul moving through yet another of these hidden connections to some other place, leaving behind this current physical reality that was seen through that we call the mind?

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