Humanity prevents Living In The Moment.

We two have often said to each other, when those moments of sadness have fallen upon the other, about trying to live in the moment. Many of you we are sure to would have heard or even had this quoted to you also perhaps in times of hardship in your own lives? As this is where those people say you will find a happier state of being. However the following thought is flowing, (Currently), through our conversations.

Lamo has postulated, (Great word that), that his mind has moved to another thought on living in the moment now. Which is this. If we were to live purely in just the moment, which has  no reference to either our past or future, then do we not in effect become immortal in thought?

In the essence of living in the moment we would no longer be looking at the time for us which has passed nor also that of our lifespan yet expected, perhaps hoped, to come would we?

Mortality, which is allegedly what makes us human is based on the fact that we do  understand our lives to have a very limited physical time span? Our minds see that of our life which has already gone but also spend time contemplating how much we may have left in the future, thus understanding that condition which makes us human, of being mortal?

At the moment then we now wonder if this is why living in the moment is not something we as human beings can actually do for it is impossible for us to lose our humanity is it not?

Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017

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