The Harlam “Time Lord” Effect

One of the things we find amusing in our conversations is the effect of time zones upon us. Harlin in India and Lamo in the UK there is a difference of four and a half hours during British Summer Time which moves to five and a half when the UK screw with the clocks.

We now find this amusing when we talk, as Harlin will talk to Lamo as being in her past. Whilst  he will often write in messages as though she in his future. We think almost as  being like Time Lords, (Dr Who). Although without a TARDIS, (As we sadly can’t travel to see each other with one), but we are communicating with someone not in our own time.

It makes to bring a smile to each other thinking they have received a message from the past or the future.

Here is the thing though, it can easily be forgotten that we are separated by time. For example if we are talking when it is 6pm, (UK GMT) then Lamo will forget that it is coming up to the midnight hour for poor Harlin whose eyes are starting to get very heavy, (Without Hypnosis). Of course conversely when she awakes all fresh and frisky in the morning to send a cheery greeting, then he of course is now the one who has gone of to the land of dreams in what can be seen as the late night or very early morning of her past.

We now bear this in mind if we have left pesky notification noises for messages on our phones, that yes we are now putting ourselves right in the firing line to be awoken at an hour when only Ghouls, Goblins and Elves should be awake. If you like us have someone you communicate with across distances so great they distort time between you, then think to  bear this in mind.

Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017

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