The ‘Mini Meal’

Now this concept of dietary definition was the dream child of Harlin one day back in the middle of this year. Whilst chatting to Lamo during a rare break in her medical life, having had to skip a proper lunch, was munching away on an apple.

Whilst talking through the busy day having caused this sad state of meal situations, said that her hunger was kept at bay as the apple was a mini meal. Thus in that moment was born in the Harlam world a new description, perhaps even concept thought, on this form of culinary delight.

The most important thing about a mini meal is that it is something a little healthier than just snacking on sweets, biscuits or such things as would be considered not for good for ones diet.

Identified so far during our Harlam conversations we have things like the trusty apple, also delights of a similar ilk such as tangerines, melon and pomegranates for example. There are many others available of course.

To keep more interest these can be presented in a ‘tapas’ style delivery of being diced, mixed and served on a small plate, (Or any other suitable mini meal delivery transport system.), thus you could have apple with papaya or perhaps a little more exotic collaboration of sun melon, papaya with, oh yes, pineapple thrown in.

Mini meals can also be known traditional dishes to, dhokla, (Which Harlin refers to as Sponge Bob Square pants! Look it up you’ll see what she means.), Harlin also will often carry a bag of nuts in her pocket, almonds, cashew, pistachios, walnuts even sunflower seeds, (Obviously not attached to the flower!). These make a very good mini meal as they are high energy value, the nutty mixture is the diners choice of course. Here we describe two to offer examples but of course there are many more available out there to tantalise the taste buds on their way to defeat the war of hunger.

These mini meals do not have to be of a solid form either for they could come in the form of a healthy yogurt pot to were there is need now for more than just hands and fingers required to eat it. (Yes a spoon may save the mess and potential embarrassment of this food type!).

To finish this blog post then the are two main requirements for a mini meal apart from the fact that it is there to keep that hunger at bay between main meals or as it was born here, an emergency meal for the body due to time constraints. (Does that make it three requirements?).
First and foremost it must be a healthy form of foodstuff, got to look after that body after all is said and eaten.
Second the mini meal does not require the use of a dining table of any sort nor any real formal cutlery, (Except when it is of a yogurt type although even then the spoon can be optional), it is a hand operated form of meal.

Although the practice of washing ones hands before and after the taking of a mini meal is a given must do!

Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017

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