The Microbe Universe

There is a world, well neigh, Universe, hidden within our own that goes very much unseen by most. Although it is people in the same field as Harlin, medical, that know this tiny Universe exists. To what are we referring, to that place where Microbes live!

Oh yes, these lovely beings in their Micro Universe which is in fact all part of our own human one, (Even if we can’t normally see it). How would we describe these little Microbe beings? Well to be fair, without most of them we would be in trouble of course so ‘saviours‘ is probably a good description!

We can feel warmly about these wonderful little Microbes, however let us not forget though, some of them do go off the reservation, so to speak.

There is a small percentage of these tiny beings, whom we perhaps we might label some what differently. We might describe them as ‘scallywaggs’ or maybe even, “cheeky little blighters”, but that’s being plain nice! (Oh yes, Harlin has some very different, colourful words for them!)

This naughty section of Microbe society, who may only live short little lives by human standards, do leave an impression. (Boy do they leave an impression and then some!). In this short life span of theirs they do fit a lot in. They take time to enjoy their own little method of sexual procreation, (Well who wouldn’t, Ahem), to create their kids, (Strains). Through their impacting lives they merrily make their new history as they go about enjoying themselves, (Outbreaks).

We had the thought perhaps they have some social order they enjoy as we could just imagine the following little scene. The trouble makers among them hanging out in their Micro Pub, (The Bacterium Arms), doing shots, getting pissed. We then see one pipe up, (Very likely in a slurred manner of course), addressing the others, “Hey lads I’ve got a great idea, let’s go out and give everyone the shits”.  When these Microbes diverge from their peoples routine lifestyle, especially when pissed, this leads to various epidemics, (For us of course, not them), Diarrhea for example or of course worse but anything this little contingent think might be a good laugh.

They enjoy their misbehaving lives whilst leaving us, the poor host, in pieces. (Sometimes quite literally.),  All probably with a smile of satisfaction on their smug little faces, before these b******s die and go off to Microbe heaven, (Again Harlin has a different place these particular Microbes can go!), congratulating themselves on a life well spent.

As Harlin says, they live a, “typical bitchy drama” this little sub set of society in that tiny world of theirs yet they have a huge impact on ours. Perhaps they have little Microbe sect leaders that give speeches to encourage this naughtiness. “Never has so much been owed by so many to so few” or words to that effect!

As always though it does raise the thought, perhaps us humans to are just a Microbe world to some other beings in a huge universe we can’t comprehend. As we live out our existence, which is perhaps a blink of an eye to them, we in our way affect them as our microbes do us. In those of us who choose wrong doing, we in fact harm, maybe even kill, those in the larger Universe?

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017

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