New Years Resolutions, A Negative Thing?

It is that time of year were both of us hear that almost traditionally ludicrous saying from everyone, “What are you New Years Resolutions?” We both share the same opinion on this so here is that thought to justify this Blog’s title.

Why make resolutions on just this one day of the year? New-Years-Resolution There are 364, (Well 365 every four years apparently.), other days in a year that you can also make these life changing decisions. If your going to quit smoking, or get fit or many of the other promises you make to yourself then don’t wait until this one day of the year, do it on the day you think about doing it.

As Nike would say, “Just Do It!

If you think about it, it’s almost an excuse to keep putting something off by saying, “Yes I will make that one of my New Years resolutions!” Suppose it is June, that’s six whole months you don’t do something good for yourself because you wait for New Years Eve. If your really determined to actually do something then you will do it on the day you make that decision. It really does not need a special date in the calendar to achieve it. Come on you know what we are saying here is true.

For us New Years Resolutions are a negative thing for people as it limits drastically when people will try to better themselves. In reality it is just one of three hundred and sixty five days that they can make life resolutions to improve themselves or others.

So why wait, make that life change any day of the year and feel better sooner!

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017

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