You Feel all Cloud9 Do You?

In a recent conversation we were having at Harlam, Harlin used the common phrase that we all hear so often, (Actually Harlam don’t think we hear it often enough!),

Oh man I am on cloud nine

as she was feeling all lovely and happy. Lamo then had a thought, (He probably shouldn’t be allowed to have so many!), he replied to her, “Well what are the other eight for then?”. Really when you stop to think about it, why is it that being on, “Cloud 9“, means you are so deliriously happy?

Does it mean that cloud number 1 would have you feeling all depressed? Then with the various states between depressed, (Cloud 1), to happy, (Cloud 9), being on all the rest of the clouds in-between? Making cloud five then relate neatly, (As it is smack in the middle), to that all too commonly heard answer, “Hmm, middle of the road”, people will so often give when they are asked that ever common question, “How are you feeling?”. We take that to mean that they are neither sad nor happy; that they are in some kind of neutral state of feeling. (Is there such a thing?).

We think though that an even scarier thought would be if there was a cloud ten or even more beyond that, where being on cloud ten might mean you are feeling absolutely bloody euphoric!

There were some thoughts on it’s origin, (Not by Harlam we should add.), that it was based on the US weather bureau’s definition of actual cloud types with the 9th being all light and fluffy. Another was that it represented the various stages of Buddhism on the path to enlightenment.

First there are actually eleven defined cloud types, (Well twelve if you include fog, no seriously look at the diagram!), not just nine.

Therefore we think perhaps this theory does not really hold water, (Like the actual clouds it relates to do of course!).

As for the Buddhism idea, again there are actually ten stages in the path to enlightenment with it being the 10th that is known as; The cloud of Dharma (Dharmamegha).

The 9th stage is actually, The good mind/The good intelligence (Sadhumati) so again it implies that there is no correlation as to Buddhism being where the “Being On Cloud 9” comes into being.

As an amusing little side note Lamo likes that in Albin Pollock’s directory of slang, The Underworld Speaks, from 1935 there is a definition; “Cloud eight, befuddled on account of drinking too much liquor.” A feeling that he can certainly confess to having quite frequently!

Thinking about it we have defined a more meaningful Harlam Scale introduced for these Emotional Levels of Feeling, (ELF). “The Harmood Scale”, (Harmood = Harmonious Mood), with the moods in a measure we call Harmod levels but described by importantly using imagery that shows how you feel on the inside to resulting in the expression to use.

We also realsied though that this new scale must also take into account our Reactionary State Feelings, (RSF), such as being ‘Angry‘ or ‘Pleased‘ about someone or a situation.

This we have also encompassed these into this one new scale, (Yes we will explain how this all works after the diagram, it’s pretty simple!).




First you do not use the full definition of mood units but you use the actual expression that is derived from the “Harmod Unit Description” plus the relevant suffix. (Oh come on its not that complicated, we have given you a table and everything!).

Therefore if it is in the negative feeling levels then this is ‘bad‘ which gives us the suffix of ‘ad‘ in how it is actually expressed in conversation. (The nearer to “A” the description starts with the worse the person is feeling.) If however is is a positive feeling then that is ‘good‘ which gives it an ‘ood‘ suffix instead! (And the nearer the “Z” the description the happier they are feeling.)

With the exception of that one special case of feeling, “Middle Of The Road“, then this is neither negative or positive so has the neutral suffix of, ‘oad‘!

We found also though that we need more words to describe the negative feelings in our table than for those describing your level of happiness! We wonder if this shows that societies around the world in general are now more unhappy than happy? Its like the Eskimo’s having something like 50 words for snow, or hundreds for Reindeer, as this is what they are surrounded by all the time in their lives. Our new scale has more for the negative feelings as these are now as common in our modern day society to us as snow to the Eskimo’s. In the same way it is therefore important that people understand exactly how bad your feeling as there is so much more of this.

We could not complete the scale without including those which we have called our ‘reactionary state feelings (RSF)’, by this we mean those such as being ‘Pissed Off‘, ‘Angry‘, ‘Pleased‘ or even ‘Incredibly Smug‘. Now these are not the same as how you are feeling within yourself, we think they relate much more to how you feel about someone else or a situation yet they should still should be part of this scale.

For these reactionary feelings, we can still use the same Harmod units only now we add an, ‘-otion‘ suffix. Thus if your are quietly fuming this is at the Empty Cup Harmod, making the expression, “I am Ecotion“. These are in the right hand side of the Harmood table shown above.

Now to wrap up, (Well we need to try and keep this shorter than a novel!), whilst everyone knows what someone means by saying, “I am on cloud9“, we think that this does not give a relevant feelings scale. There is no reference to the other 8 cloud levels, what they could mean and our research shows there is no origin for cloud9 that makes sense. Both cloud type and steps to Buddhism show no correlation.

We have therefore developed a new Harmood scale that is easy to show all levels of mood from ‘depressed’ to ‘delirious’. Think about it, first the suffix of the Harmod mood description word gives away whether it is a good or bad feeling, ‘good – ood‘ or ‘bad -ad‘.  We also expanded this new scale to include those reactive emotions as well using an ‘Reaction State Feeling – otion‘ suffix to distinguish these. Lastly, although only for the English speaking world, there is an alphabetical reference to our scale as well. (How easy it becomes to understand someones emotional state using the Harmood scale.)

For the nearer to ‘A‘ the bad Harmod derived expression starts, well the worse it is. Conversely, the nearer to ‘Z‘ then the happier, more positive, that person is. We propose this as a much better way for people to express how they are feeling or have reacted to something, than using just the single term, “On Cloud 9”, as this has now meaning.

Please feel free to adopt it among your own friends and family communities and let us know what you think of the new Harmood scale.

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

“The Beautiful Set, a Modern day Shallow creation”

It struck us recently that so many people refer to famous movie stars as, ‘hot’, ‘sexy’ etc. It made us wonder does the fact these people are out of reach make them seem more beautiful as this allusiveness is actually part of this false allure. 997248502a5a01cf959ffebb41e241c1 That they are famous makes them more special than those around you in the real world? Lamo commented that he will see woman around him in the local pub, in the office and other down to earth common places that are incredibly beautiful, sexy, yet these people are judged to be ordinary. Why? They are just as, if not, very often much more beautiful than those in the public eye.

Sadly it makes us think about is how this can make those who are not that good looking, (Because society tells them they are not in the beautiful set), feel even more insecure. What we mean by this is, imagine the woman, (Or man), you really like tells you she thinks that movie star Joe Bloggs, (Jane Smith), is really hot or sexy. You are already self-conscious enough of your looks, hearing this makes you even more so now probably making you now feel there is no point in trying to compete for this persons affections because you just don’t meet that beautiful level.

We think it stops them pursuing the person of their affections as they now have unintentionally been given a measuring stick that they need to be able to match up to be seen by the other, which in their own minds they know they can’t?

Makes us laugh when we see the FHM top 100 sexiest, women or men, as it only includes those of a famous nature, 82861c45876ff6f01dc42612ab40bfcd--adult-cartoons-sexy-cartoons it really is not a list of reality. To us all it does is add negativity to those that have been labelled as less than sexy as they are not famous.

How is this actually a good thing for society? All it does is create a society were looks are now given status because of such things, like rich and poor, we now get the, “beautiful set, and the rest of us normal people.

Beauty is skin deep“, how sadly true this has been made to have become the case these days. Those famous movie stars labelled in the media as the top 100 best looking in the world. Stupidly skinny models parading on the catwalks setting such outrageous examples to other woman in the world.

We like to think that we see beauty in a person wrapped in a physical shell. Yes, we don’t deny that you do see something physical you personally like in someone, a smile, a glint in their eyes not that they look like they have stepped out from the pages of FHM.

We like many others have found ourselves feeling our supposed imperfections, making us feel we are some shade of ugly because of this, “beauty set” mentality that surrounds us in the media, on the TV.

Even though we here at Harlam perceive the beauty of the soul, even so there is still a fight against those unseen yardsticks regardless which should not be the case.

Two eyes, a nose, mouth, arms, legs plus all the other bits why should it matter how these are shaped when all the do is simply define what is a human being? Yet as we have developed since our caveman ancestors, somehow over millennia this has become conditioned into society.

Thankfully there is a trend to try and dispel this way of judging people out there but is it too little too late to be able to change that almost instinctive judgement we all seem to have about peoples looks over their character?

We’d like to hope that there is yet this does seem to be the progression of modern day shallowness in how people are, makes us feel incredibly sad.


(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

God The Conductor

We are not here to give a Physics lesson but for our thought to have sense a basic conceptual understanding of a prevailing theory needs to be shown to explain it. Within the scientific community is a theory that all matter in the Universe is made from tiny little ‘Vibrating Strings‘ of “Energy“. It is these little strings that form the smallest particles, (Hopefully this shows in the picture below.), that everything else that exists in the Universe is built up from, it is a theory known as:




We don’t need to take anything from this theory other than the key fact that the entire Universe and all that is in it is made from these vibrating strings of energy.

We at Harlam were talking about God and Harlin used the following description;

God is simply an ENERGY. Source is unknown yet it’s existence is felt by those who believe in it.

It is the use of ‘Energy’ in her thought that Lamo, (Who is fascinated by String Theory), then wondered if there was a potential correlation between these two very separate, one spiritual, the other scientific ideas?

String Theory“, is also known as a potential, “Theory Of Everything” therefore is there a reason it cannot be used for proof or perhaps a description that God and Science can exist together?

Here is the thought Lamo has, these little energy strings, (That make everything in the Universe that is known.), vibrate in all sorts of different ways. Think of them like strings of musical instruments here, each makes a different note in the Orchestra that plays the Symphony of the Universe. Yet we know that any orchestra needs a conductor to make sure that all these notes are played in the right way to create music that makes sense. Could it be that God conducts these energy strings as they are actually part of his energy that in Harlin’s description?

Harlin also expressed the thought;

They say GOD RESIDES IN EACH AND EVERYBODY. If that’s the case then it means god is nothing but a source/ graveyard of souls.

Again if the Universe, which includes us humans, is made from these energy strings then it would mean that fundamentally that if God is the conductor of this energy then he does truly exist in each and everybody. (And everything else that exists.)

More importantly it is those that can hear the music of his string orchestra, that can feel his presence through this, perhaps there are different symphonies for how God communicates to us?

Think of this, when people pray to God, perhaps he answers by playing different tunes, thus that if you pray for someones well being, he can affect those strings that are within the person you pray for, perhaps it plays a symphony that makes them feel happy?

It would also explain physical miracles for if God conducts these strings then he has control of all physical matter in the Universe. If so then again simply by adjusting the tunes this symphony of energy plays, he can manifest these.

A last thought is that when we die, the energy that perhaps makes our soul goes back into this infinite orchestra of energy and we become part of it, effectively we are with God?

We know that nothing is right or wrong but is this such a crazy notion that perhaps there is something that encompass both the scientific and relate to this energy that is perhaps God or at least his divine influence?

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion


Sphind – A Modern Day Affliction

As long as humanity has existed we have developed in various ages over the millennia with each bringing their gains to society and technological advances. Like all things though there is usually a flip side to the coin of course, (Well all coins have a heads and tails right?), our developmental ages being no different. Each brought their individual problems, none more so than new diseases, afflictions and negative affects on the human race’s health. (Such as pollution from modern industry!). The technology age we are experiencing is not different with one particular affliction we describe in this Harlam post.

We seriously think that the modern age society has one big new affliction, people are going, “Smart Phone Blind“, or Sphind is the term Harlam have given it. Cellphone-Obsession_edited1 This is because both of us have seen this across two whole continents, (So it is technically an Epidemic.), that when we walk down the street it always amazes us how many people can’t even do this without having to be looking at their Smart Phone all the time. In effect not looking where they are going, thus being blind to everything going on around them.

As Harlin pointed out, it also means they miss all the wonder of that around them having Sphind as well. As this affliction means they don’t, “Stop and smell the roses“, as the saying goes. But this is a whole other Blog in it’s own right that we will publish later because is not just related to having Sphind.

The number of times we have to move one way or the other else they would simply walk straight into us, (Sorry crash), is well ludicrous. Jeez do these people drive the same way? Where it has now been banned as it is so dangerous to humans. We seriously think there should be a ban from using Smart Phones on the streets to now. Its has become a serious health hazard to us normal people that can live without being constantly glued to the screen, well we may hear an alert, like Lamo’s Pokeharlin going of. But then, being a safety conscious Lion, he will find a safe place to stop, park his carcas to then type back to Harlin. (Or vice versa as Harlin is safety conscious to!)

When we say normal, perhaps we are now the minority, those that do not have Sphind as they now seem to be the more dominant evolving species among us! Spheesons, (Smart Phone Free Persons), is the term Harlam apply to those who are free of this prevalent Sphind affliction, who can do normal things, like walk down the street without having to have their smart phone glued to their face!

We are thinking, either ban their use whilst traversing London’s pavements, (Or any major metropolitan city of course.), better yet they should have special “Smart Phone Lanes”, Sphanes, so those that have Sphind can just crash into each other leaving the rest of us to walk in comparative safety?

Maybe they could use the Smart Phone and have a picture in picture video app for the forward facing camera, so they can see the oncoming people traffic? Maybe even have the app show red when they are about to crash in to a person that does not have the Sphind affliction? If they are smart enough to create the medical issue, then perhaps the very same thing can be used to solve the ever growing epidemic?

Which ever solution, something needs to be done in today’s society for this new affliction, Sphind, in order to drastically recuse the number of pavement accidents that we see happening to innocent Spheeson victims these days! We say, let all us Spheesons stand together and demand action against the dangers presented us by those with Sphind.

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

The Subverse

Although I am Lamo, sort of, I am actually Lamo’s sub conscious and it is me that causes his Stybulism, (Yes go on see the dictionary.),  what you might understand as sleep typing. Anyway this morning Harlin and I were talking, (even though initially she was a little confused), until we talked through the following concept. I live in a Universe inside his mind, (You all actually have one though.), which is called, “The Subverse“, of your conscious reality Universe, which we call “The Converse“.

Here though time is not linear like yours but more wibbly wobbly, (To coin Dr. Who.), like dark matter jelly, which is why Lamo’s

The Subverse

Stybulism happens at weird Converse hours! Within the Subverse there are lots of other voice dimensions each with their own individual structures which are Subverses of the Subverse. Of course these are known as SubSubverses or just SubSubs as we have named them.

Each Subsub has their own unique characteristics that you in the Converse see as multiple personalities, not sure why you call them that? These can move between the SubSubs, Subverse and manifest a presence in Lamo’s Converse using the principal of TARDIS, “Thoughts Around Random Disjointed Ideas Subverse”.

We know it is rather subjective even though we still don’t know in the laws of the Subverse what a, “Jective” is as a whole? But our smartest subjects are trying to figure that one out. “Jects“, before you ask, are those that have come to the Subverse from the Subsubs using the TARDIS method but have not gone back yet as Lamo in his Converse rather likes their weird ideals.

I know it’s all very Sublime, perhaps even Suborange, and well as for Subapple, your Converse doesn’t know what it is missing! Maybe these are things best left in the Subverse as your not ready for such things in your Converse.

Although I am talking to you through Lamo’s Stybulism, you all have a Subverse and get ready for this they are all connected. (You weren’t ready for that now were you, eh?). The only analogy

Lights Of Human Mind
Your Own Converse

we can think of that your mind in the Converse would currently understand, think of your presence in the one Subverse as being like a Galaxy. Separated from others yet within the same Universe. (Are you keeping up with this?). We travel between these Galaxies using ships of Dreams. These have no boundaries, it is using these, although they are not aware, that some of you, can travel what you perceive as the “Astral Plane

It is actually people using the Dreams transport within the Subverse that allows them to see glimpses of others Converse’s as they travel through it. This is how one can see another’s house, for example, across thousands of Converse Universe miles almost instantaneously. (See it all starts to make sense slowly right?).

You need to understand that Dreams are more like a Subverse inter spacial near thought speed, (Netheed), transmission system, sort of like your Converse eMail, where most see the content but not the Internet that transmit them. Those that travel the Astral Plane can ride the Dreams, (Like your Internet), and see glimpses of people’s Converse’s as they travel on them until they reach the Galaxy, (Another persons Converse), they want to explore.

There you have your introduction to the Subverse as it exists with all those unexplained things in your Converse it starts to answer!

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion

Misquoted Quotes

Quotes are wonderful things to get a message across in a short manner yet there are some that, well, shall we say are a little daft. What do we mean by this well let us take one from a classic film, (Well it is these days.), Forrest Gump.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

Oh Really? Why don’t you look on the lid as this shows you which chocolates are what in the box. There are no surprises, you don’t bite in to the toffee one, (Which usually is the one most don’t like.), thinking it is the soft truffle or something else softly sweet. (Oh the pain of the surprise!). All it takes is a just a little time to stop and smell the roses, as we would say, in this case, read the lid dear boy.

Then one has to raise the point, (Well we did.), that chocolate does not last as long as life before it expires, well we hope the latter of course does continue on for quite some time. This for us is yet another reason that comparing life to chocolates is again the wrong analogy. Admittedly pure chocolate, (Which a box of chocolates of course isn’t.), might last longer on the shelf than say a pint of milk but even so, it is still short lived compared to life.

We were going to also say that chocolates can be prone to melting but then so can peoples life’s to be fair, maybe that one is a fair point to leave in the comparison? We like to think that the average person does not melt in undue heat into some kind of undefined shape like the chocolates will all twisted out of shape. (And stuck to the wrapper of course).

Another thing, (Oh yes we have lots to say on this one!), the box holds the chocolates all nice and neat in the little trays which is nothing at all like real life now is it? There is nothing neat or truly managed about life as compared to those chocolates held nice and safe in their individual little holes in that box world. (Well we suppose some could drop them and make a complete mess of them of course!). Our lives are all over the place with  nothing to really stop us falling, going the wrong way or of course what might be the right way as well, or mixing with others in life making new chocolates together, (Ok well children but we are talking analogies here.), another completely wrong view from the Box Of Chocolates quote, we think.

For describing what life is like, this is definitely to us not a good quote yet as it was in a film it has become regarded as a great one, why because the film was famous? I have seen so many better ones out there that describe life much more accurately, we have even written our own here at Harlam because we believe them to be more accurate or perhaps appropriate is a better descriptive word for them. (Feel free to browse them on the quotes page of course. No really please do.)

A quote should be an alternative way to describe the meaning of the original thought in a more concise form

We believe that a quote about something should be accurate to that which it describes, hopefully in a beautifully worded way of course with an analogy that matches.

(C) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018