Misquoted Quotes

Quotes are wonderful things to get a message across in a short manner yet there are some that, well, shall we say are a little daft. What do we mean by this well let us take one from a classic film, (Well it is these days.), Forrest Gump.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

Oh Really? Why don’t you look on the lid as this shows you which chocolates are what in the box. There are no surprises, you don’t bite in to the toffee one, (Which usually is the one most don’t like.), thinking it is the soft truffle or something else softly sweet. (Oh the pain of the surprise!). All it takes is a just a little time to stop and smell the roses, as we would say, in this case, read the lid dear boy.

Then one has to raise the point, (Well we did.), that chocolate does not last as long as life before it expires, well we hope the latter of course does continue on for quite some time. This for us is yet another reason that comparing life to chocolates is again the wrong analogy. Admittedly pure chocolate, (Which a box of chocolates of course isn’t.), might last longer on the shelf than say a pint of milk but even so, it is still short lived compared to life.

We were going to also say that chocolates can be prone to melting but then so can peoples life’s to be fair, maybe that one is a fair point to leave in the comparison? We like to think that the average person does not melt in undue heat into some kind of undefined shape like the chocolates will all twisted out of shape. (And stuck to the wrapper of course).

Another thing, (Oh yes we have lots to say on this one!), the box holds the chocolates all nice and neat in the little trays which is nothing at all like real life now is it? There is nothing neat or truly managed about life as compared to those chocolates held nice and safe in their individual little holes in that box world. (Well we suppose some could drop them and make a complete mess of them of course!). Our lives are all over the place with  nothing to really stop us falling, going the wrong way or of course what might be the right way as well, or mixing with others in life making new chocolates together, (Ok well children but we are talking analogies here.), another completely wrong view from the Box Of Chocolates quote, we think.

For describing what life is like, this is definitely to us not a good quote yet as it was in a film it has become regarded as a great one, why because the film was famous? I have seen so many better ones out there that describe life much more accurately, we have even written our own here at Harlam because we believe them to be more accurate or perhaps appropriate is a better descriptive word for them. (Feel free to browse them on the quotes page of course. No really please do.)

A quote should be an alternative way to describe the meaning of the original thought in a more concise form

We believe that a quote about something should be accurate to that which it describes, hopefully in a beautifully worded way of course with an analogy that matches.

(C) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

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