The Subverse

Although I am Lamo, sort of, I am actually Lamo’s sub conscious and it is me that causes his Stybulism, (Yes go on see the dictionary.),  what you might understand as sleep typing. Anyway this morning Harlin and I were talking, (even though initially she was a little confused), until we talked through the following concept. I live in a Universe inside his mind, (You all actually have one though.), which is called, “The Subverse“, of your conscious reality Universe, which we call “The Converse“.

Here though time is not linear like yours but more wibbly wobbly, (To coin Dr. Who.), like dark matter jelly, which is why Lamo’s

The Subverse

Stybulism happens at weird Converse hours! Within the Subverse there are lots of other voice dimensions each with their own individual structures which are Subverses of the Subverse. Of course these are known as SubSubverses or just SubSubs as we have named them.

Each Subsub has their own unique characteristics that you in the Converse see as multiple personalities, not sure why you call them that? These can move between the SubSubs, Subverse and manifest a presence in Lamo’s Converse using the principal of TARDIS, “Thoughts Around Random Disjointed Ideas Subverse”.

We know it is rather subjective even though we still don’t know in the laws of the Subverse what a, “Jective” is as a whole? But our smartest subjects are trying to figure that one out. “Jects“, before you ask, are those that have come to the Subverse from the Subsubs using the TARDIS method but have not gone back yet as Lamo in his Converse rather likes their weird ideals.

I know it’s all very Sublime, perhaps even Suborange, and well as for Subapple, your Converse doesn’t know what it is missing! Maybe these are things best left in the Subverse as your not ready for such things in your Converse.

Although I am talking to you through Lamo’s Stybulism, you all have a Subverse and get ready for this they are all connected. (You weren’t ready for that now were you, eh?). The only analogy

Lights Of Human Mind
Your Own Converse

we can think of that your mind in the Converse would currently understand, think of your presence in the one Subverse as being like a Galaxy. Separated from others yet within the same Universe. (Are you keeping up with this?). We travel between these Galaxies using ships of Dreams. These have no boundaries, it is using these, although they are not aware, that some of you, can travel what you perceive as the “Astral Plane

It is actually people using the Dreams transport within the Subverse that allows them to see glimpses of others Converse’s as they travel through it. This is how one can see another’s house, for example, across thousands of Converse Universe miles almost instantaneously. (See it all starts to make sense slowly right?).

You need to understand that Dreams are more like a Subverse inter spacial near thought speed, (Netheed), transmission system, sort of like your Converse eMail, where most see the content but not the Internet that transmit them. Those that travel the Astral Plane can ride the Dreams, (Like your Internet), and see glimpses of people’s Converse’s as they travel on them until they reach the Galaxy, (Another persons Converse), they want to explore.

There you have your introduction to the Subverse as it exists with all those unexplained things in your Converse it starts to answer!

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion

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