God The Conductor

We are not here to give a Physics lesson but for our thought to have sense a basic conceptual understanding of a prevailing theory needs to be shown to explain it. Within the scientific community is a theory that all matter in the Universe is made from tiny little ‘Vibrating Strings‘ of “Energy“. It is these little strings that form the smallest particles, (Hopefully this shows in the picture below.), that everything else that exists in the Universe is built up from, it is a theory known as:




We don’t need to take anything from this theory other than the key fact that the entire Universe and all that is in it is made from these vibrating strings of energy.

We at Harlam were talking about God and Harlin used the following description;

God is simply an ENERGY. Source is unknown yet it’s existence is felt by those who believe in it.

It is the use of ‘Energy’ in her thought that Lamo, (Who is fascinated by String Theory), then wondered if there was a potential correlation between these two very separate, one spiritual, the other scientific ideas?

String Theory“, is also known as a potential, “Theory Of Everything” therefore is there a reason it cannot be used for proof or perhaps a description that God and Science can exist together?

Here is the thought Lamo has, these little energy strings, (That make everything in the Universe that is known.), vibrate in all sorts of different ways. Think of them like strings of musical instruments here, each makes a different note in the Orchestra that plays the Symphony of the Universe. Yet we know that any orchestra needs a conductor to make sure that all these notes are played in the right way to create music that makes sense. Could it be that God conducts these energy strings as they are actually part of his energy that in Harlin’s description?

Harlin also expressed the thought;

They say GOD RESIDES IN EACH AND EVERYBODY. If that’s the case then it means god is nothing but a source/ graveyard of souls.

Again if the Universe, which includes us humans, is made from these energy strings then it would mean that fundamentally that if God is the conductor of this energy then he does truly exist in each and everybody. (And everything else that exists.)

More importantly it is those that can hear the music of his string orchestra, that can feel his presence through this, perhaps there are different symphonies for how God communicates to us?

Think of this, when people pray to God, perhaps he answers by playing different tunes, thus that if you pray for someones well being, he can affect those strings that are within the person you pray for, perhaps it plays a symphony that makes them feel happy?

It would also explain physical miracles for if God conducts these strings then he has control of all physical matter in the Universe. If so then again simply by adjusting the tunes this symphony of energy plays, he can manifest these.

A last thought is that when we die, the energy that perhaps makes our soul goes back into this infinite orchestra of energy and we become part of it, effectively we are with God?

We know that nothing is right or wrong but is this such a crazy notion that perhaps there is something that encompass both the scientific and relate to this energy that is perhaps God or at least his divine influence?

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion


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