“The Beautiful Set, a Modern day Shallow creation”

It struck us recently that so many people refer to famous movie stars as, ‘hot’, ‘sexy’ etc. It made us wonder does the fact these people are out of reach make them seem more beautiful as this allusiveness is actually part of this false allure. 997248502a5a01cf959ffebb41e241c1 That they are famous makes them more special than those around you in the real world? Lamo commented that he will see woman around him in the local pub, in the office and other down to earth common places that are incredibly beautiful, sexy, yet these people are judged to be ordinary. Why? They are just as, if not, very often much more beautiful than those in the public eye.

Sadly it makes us think about is how this can make those who are not that good looking, (Because society tells them they are not in the beautiful set), feel even more insecure. What we mean by this is, imagine the woman, (Or man), you really like tells you she thinks that movie star Joe Bloggs, (Jane Smith), is really hot or sexy. You are already self-conscious enough of your looks, hearing this makes you even more so now probably making you now feel there is no point in trying to compete for this persons affections because you just don’t meet that beautiful level.

We think it stops them pursuing the person of their affections as they now have unintentionally been given a measuring stick that they need to be able to match up to be seen by the other, which in their own minds they know they can’t?

Makes us laugh when we see the FHM top 100 sexiest, women or men, as it only includes those of a famous nature, 82861c45876ff6f01dc42612ab40bfcd--adult-cartoons-sexy-cartoons it really is not a list of reality. To us all it does is add negativity to those that have been labelled as less than sexy as they are not famous.

How is this actually a good thing for society? All it does is create a society were looks are now given status because of such things, like rich and poor, we now get the, “beautiful set, and the rest of us normal people.

Beauty is skin deep“, how sadly true this has been made to have become the case these days. Those famous movie stars labelled in the media as the top 100 best looking in the world. Stupidly skinny models parading on the catwalks setting such outrageous examples to other woman in the world.

We like to think that we see beauty in a person wrapped in a physical shell. Yes, we don’t deny that you do see something physical you personally like in someone, a smile, a glint in their eyes not that they look like they have stepped out from the pages of FHM.

We like many others have found ourselves feeling our supposed imperfections, making us feel we are some shade of ugly because of this, “beauty set” mentality that surrounds us in the media, on the TV.

Even though we here at Harlam perceive the beauty of the soul, even so there is still a fight against those unseen yardsticks regardless which should not be the case.

Two eyes, a nose, mouth, arms, legs plus all the other bits why should it matter how these are shaped when all the do is simply define what is a human being? Yet as we have developed since our caveman ancestors, somehow over millennia this has become conditioned into society.

Thankfully there is a trend to try and dispel this way of judging people out there but is it too little too late to be able to change that almost instinctive judgement we all seem to have about peoples looks over their character?

We’d like to hope that there is yet this does seem to be the progression of modern day shallowness in how people are, makes us feel incredibly sad.


(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

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