Should You Come Home From Traveling?

This was a question posed by a travel blogger friend of Harlam’s recently, (A travel writer), to which I didn’t want to give my honest answer because I did not want to offend her. I have written my answer but have not yet decided whether I will publish it or not, if I have taken the decision to do so, well then read on…… TravelWriter

Those that travel the world are not people I think should be admired at all. I know this may sound like a sweeping statement, perhaps written by someone green with envy. Now that I am not, and I shall now try to explain my thoughts without creating offence to anyone, if that’s possible? (This was written as an honest answer for her to think about.)

First, people sat they travel because they want to see wondrous things that the world has to offer. I will put a bet on right now that nearly all of these people have never explored more than perhaps 5% of their own hometown or country of birth, the place they say encompasses their so called roots. You do not need to travel very far to see amazing things for they are around you where ever you live yet most have simply never taken the time to see them. (Probably because they take them for granted and simply don’t notice.)

Lamo lives in the UK, London to be exact whilst Harlin is living in North India these counties are amazing places as are all other countries. I could spend all my time exploring London, (Harlin places like Chandigarh), and we would struggle to see all that diversity they offer up. Even if we needed a change of scenery, do we need to travel thousands of miles? Not at all, for next to no money, Lamo only has to travel 20 miles and I am in the amazing countryside surrounding London, or on one of the many beaches that adorn our UK shores. I can easily jump on a train and visit, Wales or Scotland with such treasures these have for people to discover. (Harlin also has the same opportunity within India of course.). All over the world people live in countries that they seem all too keen to leave at every chance they get because somehow they think the rest of the world is more beautiful? What a narrow sighted view this actually is.

Then there are those people that say, “Oh man it’s just such a better way of life, no responsibilities, carefree, you should do it” Wake up people, the world we live in works because of those people you look down on, that life you consider trapped you, these are necessary to make the world work. globe-world-e1454703024331 These are the people to admire for they are smart enough to know that the world will not work if we were to all take the attitude that persistent travelers take. We need people willing to work those jobs you look down on with such disdain like you’re somehow above all that. Do you not realise that if all of us were to suddenly stop, up sticks and travel without end, well the world as we know it would cease to work. But you don’t think about that unfortunately. Your attitude towards the working world I think is actually pretty unfair, ask yourself this, why should you very select few be privileged to live a life above that of the rest of us? You’re not living a better life, your living a lie I’m afraid.

“Oh but we’re doing people a service by blogging and writing reviews on places around the world”, is that how you justify it? We all take holidays, well most do, and we can all post pictures and write our thoughts about these places online somewhere like ‘Trip Adviser’ for others to read, you offer nothing above this. Maybe you would say, “But we have more time there and work hard to find those places that others may not find”. city-streetThousands of us normal folk go to the same places as you travel bloggers, I would guarantee that between all those people there is nothing you can find that they have not. Think about those that are truly trapped in their lives, that cannot travel at all, how do you think it makes them feel when they see people like you swanning around the world? You think it fills them with hope perhaps? Of course it doesn’t it makes them feel even more trapped and depressed because they can’t do that. They have to go to their mundane job because the world needs to keep turning so people like you have that luxury.

Don’t get me wrong travel is a good thing; I have no issues with the concept of a gap year, or sabbatical at all. Travel with a slightly extended time line but a year is more than enough before you then need to come back and be fair to everyone else and play your part in making this world work.

A holiday is travel that you really appreciate because you know it is a rare commodity, something to truly value, a reward for the hard work put in to helping the world turn. If you travel all the time, then it becomes of meaningless value, nothing special anymore. Even worse the longer you live in this unreal world, well the more you work not to have a place in the world because you won’t know how to fit back in to that life you left so long ago.

Do we think you should stop travelling and come home, yes of course we do!

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

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