Graveyards, Places of Pilgrimage?

It was an odd thought that came to my mind as we were talking at Harlam. As Harlin had that day gone to the Golden Temple what Lamo thought of as a sort of pilgrimage. He is not sure why but he had the following thought form in his mind in how it would be nice to have a place of pilgrimage for his own self.

Whilst I, (Lamo), am not a truly religious person, I am very spiritual and in fact becoming more so of late. It struck me that perhaps a pilgrimage for me would be to my mother’s grave site, (She passed in early 2001). Then I started to think about this in that the grave site is just the location where the empty shell for her soul is housed that is now being absorbed back into the star dust cycle of the Universe. Gravestone Yet the remnants of where her soul made the transition from this world to the next, is more likely to be found where she actually died. This is the way my mind interprets the idea, so it would not be hanging around that graveyard would it? Even then it is more or less irrelevant for her soul is now within the spiritual realm which is not bound by the physical confines of the space and time our physical shells inhabit during their lifetime.

As I thought about this more, my belief has always been that it does not matter where you might be at the time when you want to have a spiritual conversation, for it is not in any way based on your physical proximity in this world. For the soul you wish to address now has no boundaries within our time and space. I believe that those willing to close their eyes and have a conversation with the spirit they seek, (Or equally the God of their choice), then the one they seek will hear and respond to them if they choose to. We have to accept that they may not always answer even though they will always here the thoughts of words we send them.

I think that going to a grave site shows a sign of respect when people seek to have these conversations, yet I think it then becomes a limiting ideology that you need to be there for them to hear you or even for them to respond. Surely you can talk to that person, who may be long since gone from the physical world, no matter where you are in this world? Then they are always with you if you need them, for they are just waiting for you to talk, or seek them out, no matter the reason. The same with God’s also holds true to me, they too are not solely only going to hear you or answer if you go to church to pray. For again being omnipresent they will hear you no matter where you might be.

Sat watching a film the other night, “The Fountain”, weird whacked out Sci-Fi to say the least but had an interesting thought in it. TheFountain Here was sown the idea, (Pardon the pun here), that if you plant the seed for a tree, (Or any plant), in some ones grave then their soul grows into this as it grows. This I found somewhat against the belief that the soul departs the body as part of the death process. (For they died elsewhere away from this grave). Which begs the question how can this thought of their soul becoming part of the tree, new life, that grows above their grave have substance? This must imply it is possible that the soul leaves some kind of spiritual DNA behind as it were. Much like the physical DNA that version defines our souls temporary shell. Can this be somehow, absorbed from the dead cells of the empty shell, like DNA can be extracted from hair that has been cut from your head?

I find this a little disturbing for this would then mean that not only can you be physically cloned; you could be spiritually cloned, your soul being exactly copied. Yet this cannot be for your soul is a truly unique thing that exists, with all its experiences from all realms within the Universe. Thus if this tree where to grow with the imprint of your soul’s DNA it is not your soul for it does not contain your experiences. (It is just an empty soul.). The same as a physical clone of you is not you either, it looks like you bet becomes its own unique self as it absorbs its experiences after being created. Thus to me this myth bears no weight in its concept as beautiful as it is. (Plus we here at Harlam strongly believe trees have their own unique souls anyway, see our thought on Whispering trees).

Therefore I return to our grave site, in that this contains nothing but the now empty shell of that former being whose soul left it where ever they experienced their physical death.

It is not a bad thing as it adds to the respect you feel when you talk to their spirit yet as I say I much prefer the thought that you can talk to them anywhere, at any time, all the time, which I believe they would much prefer?

Some do say it is to remember them by but we do that within our own mind and we keep them alive there with thoughts of them from their living past. Rich memories of when they were with us, full of physical life not as a decaying shell buried in the ground with a kindly worded headstone.

Do not misunderstand my thought for I do think that churches, temples, those holy places are more like focal points where that which you seek can be felt in a stronger form. Not like a phone for this implies two way conversations but like a street light on a dark street, it as point where more light shines down upon you to experience. It allows you to absorb their light and in doing so see more of your own self, like you would standing under the street light.

These are pilgrimages not just to seek divine spiritual light but are there for self-discovery to coming from the experience that light bestows on you whilst you are there.

This is not the same as visiting a grave site, this for me, would not be a pilgrimage to visit my mother’s grave site for there were be no stronger spiritual connection there? Also is that I talk to her where ever I am when I need to, although I do not expect an answer, if I am lucky then maybe she, perhaps with other angels may send me the occasional guiding message. (Angel numbers for example.)

reincarnation-1Another question that springs to my mind is that of re-incarnation? Here the soul would leave one physical being to return in a new physical human form or perhaps an alternative kind of being that lives in our world. If this is the case then how can that soul answer those spiritual conversations from those that knew it from its previous life? We know that there is the possibility of past lives lived but then we also know that the memories of these are suppressed, which means so to are all those people we may have known in that previous incarnation. How then could these people left behind then ever be heard or receive any message from the relocated soul? Is it possible that the soul can exist in two places yet be the same one, is the part that we experience a piece of a larger. Not in the sense that we are all just part of one single God soul but that perhaps our soul exists in two or more realms. Yet the one we experience in the here and now of this physical world somehow is not aware or the communication is only one way. Our other soul part(s) can see this one but not the other way round. (Well not intentionally). This would then allow our soul, (The part in the other realm.), to hear and if needed to respond to those we knew in a previous life. Perhaps it would explain how re-incarnation works in that each of the new lives we may live are feeding back the experiences to the other part of our soul, unchanging yet ever learning. (Until what ever level of enlightenment is needed.).

In our research we came across some odd rituals but two struck as they have to do with the connection between the living and those now dead, through the physical remains. The first we came across, well this one is called, Endocannibalism. (Prepare yourself for this one!Endocanabilism For some cultures, the best way to honor the dead is by eating them. Before you grimace in horror to much think about it as these “feasts of the dead” are a way to forge a permanent bond or connection between the living and those that have died and moved on. It’s also considered a way to cleanse, or purge the fear that is associated with death and its tragic aftermath. These cultures believe that Endocannibalism is something the dead would have expected from the living being a final gesture of goodwill to them. You may be pleased to here that it is no longer practiced (At least not that our research showed,), but cultures who were engaged in Endocannibalism included the Melanesians of Papua New Guinea and the Wari people of Brazil.

The reason we mention this one is that thought about there being some presence left, a part of a persons soul, in the physical remains as shown by this old ritual.

It is not the only one that we came across, as another example is the Australian Aboriginal Mortuary Rites. Here following the demise of a family member, the body was placed on top of a raised platform then covered with leaves and branches where it was left to decompose. (This could take months of course!). Here is the part of interest in our thoughts here, the liquid from the decaying body was collected, then was rubbed over the bodies of young men, (Not sure why not woman?), as the believed it would pass on the good qualities of that deceased person.

Again there is another belief that there is something residual within the dead physical remains, which gets back to the original thought of this post. The original thought was  that Lamo believes that there is no part of the soul left within the dead body, that is has left this empty shell and now resides in the other realm, or as we have discussed, perhaps has been re-incarnated into a new physical earthly shell of some  form. That the thought of talking to those that have died and moved on through the physical remains is actually a myth?

Logic, (Ironically a construct from our ability to think!), tells us that all that we are, including the brain where our mind comes into being to create our self awareness,  simply all made from atoms of matter. The question has to be asked then, is our mind and all that we think, including the idea of a soul, merely the result of clever programming from the firing of neurons through synapses within the brain? Is our self no more than an incredibly sophisticated version that of what we term artificial intelligence, (AI), that we see generated by clever coding in today’s computer programs?

Lamo is a huge Isaac Asimov fan, there is a quote made by a character, Dr Alfred Lanning as follows when talking about AI in Robot’s;

There have always been ghosts in the machine, random segments of code that have grouped together to form unexpected protocols. Unanticipated these free radicals engender questions of free will creativity and even the nature of… the soul. Why is it that when some robots are left in the darkness they will seek out the light? Why is it that when robots are stored in an empty space they will group together rather than stand alone?… how do we explain this? Random pieces of code? or is it something else. When does a perceptual schematic become consciousness? When does the difference engine become the search for truth? When does the personality simulation become the bitter mote of a soul?

Are our minds no more than the personality simulation’s that are referred to here in the artificial mind of a Robot. That the soul is no more than a construct of our complex brain processing data from all the inputs of the human body?

Although there is no empirical evidence there are just to many things beyond merely coincidence that indicate that there is so much more to the Universe, including a soul, life force, that is free to live outside of this physical shell. Yet this leads to another question that is starting to haunt the mind of Lamo, how does the physical body hold on to the soul, contain it yet in such a way it is free to leave, does the soul come before the mind or when the mind is sufficiently ready it inherits one? (This question will follow with further thoughts from Harlam soon.)

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

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