Unconditional Love, Self Destroying?

Here at Harlam, we were having a conversation about the feeling known as conditional love this weekend. During that thought exchange the following thoughts were postulated, (We do love this word.), as always we were interested to see whether you thought the same or different in regard to this strong emotional feeling?

Lamo put forward that to him, having he believed given it in the past, is when you fall in love with someone yet you don’t expect anything from them. kissing-in-the-rain-profile In fact you spend your time helping them to find a path of happiness, never feeling negative when they do something that you may not agree with, you forgive them without judging. Never telling them how you feel just loving them for who they are and wanting them to be happy in life however they may feel about you.

Yet here is the thing, to give unconditional love to someone you have to be in love with them, else you cannot give it to them. Unconditional love is true love for another person. This is not family as to me that is an instinctive, in built love but an individual. We are not God so we can’t love everyone unconditionally, and as humans if we did then there would be no meaning to love, or a relationship, there would be nothing special about being with one person over another. There would be no special bond between two people that would keep them together.

Being in love with someone must include the want or hope that you will be with that person. Which suddenly becomes a condition itself doesn’t it? Even though you never confess it to the one that you are giving the unconditional love to. Thus there is an expectation that must be present even in unconditional love?

Now here is the other, irony perhaps, to it. The person you are giving it to generally does not see it, they see it perhaps as someone being really kind to them, making them feel close to that person yet they never see the love because it is unconditional. If that person does not know that you love them unconditionally then how will that ever last? What I mean by this is, when people fall in, let’s call it conditional love, there are indicators, conversations, actions etc. so both can see the feeling then it often grows because the two are right for each other, falling in love that forms part of the strength for the relationship to be. It is a known and cherished state between the two. Heartbreak If these conversations are left unsaid through giving unconditional love then you will likely sit there and have to watch someone else come along, do all the things of conventional relationship forming love and then watch as the one you love disappears because they don’t think you actually love them because you have not shown it, seeing no relationship future with you.

But then when they are with someone else you’re no longer able to give them conditional love because to do that there has to be actual interaction between the two. Otherwise you cannot affect them to keep them on the path to happiness anymore; as such you can no longer give unconditional love. You still love them because that forms the foundation for being able to give unconditional love. Unfortunately the result seems to be that you end up left on your own with all this love that you now can’t give them.

Unfortunately it is only after the loss of that person that you question if you should have told them how you felt at the time. But that’s the irony, unconditional love means you don’t tell them as you give it with no expected return, which most times means that an amazing lifetime relationship is then lost.

You may say it is rare, perhaps but maybe it is because unconditional love is given blindly therefore it cannot be seen to be acknowledged? I wonder if that is not stabbing itself in its own back somehow. Don’t get us wrong we are not in any way slighting it as it is true love but in giving it without showing it at the time, then it seems to become lost in that very silence?

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

Where Does Our Soul Live?

As we continue with our thoughts on the human soul, our last post Graveyards, Places of Pilgrimage? raised the very perplexing question not just of us here at Harlam, but with so many people in the world today. That being the not so small question of where does the Soul actually reside within life? Here is our thought on this as we have thought about it.

I know many, like the Egyptians, place it in the heart because of what this does for the life of a living being. Which, (We didn’t know), is why all other organs are removed before mummification, except the heart which was mummified because of this. HeartMummification Weirdly the other organs are placed in ceremonial jars in case they are needed in the afterlife. (Yukk…) Yet this now brings up an very interesting modern twist on this idea, let us explain. The reason the heart was mummified was that Anubis, (God of the Underworld), would weigh the heart, (Believed to contain the Soul), on scales against the ‘Feather Of Truth‘ If it was lighter then the Soul was full of good deeds and would pass into the Underworld. If however you had lead a bad life then your heart would weigh heavier than the feather of truth, then Ammit the Devourer would appear and eat your soul, you would cease to exist.

The question that has to be asked about this is, what happens to the person’s soul that gets a heart transplant? If the Soul does reside here then their soul becomes that of the new host! Yet we know that generally people who get them are the same as they were before, they are still the same mind, spirit and soul. There are cases were people have argued that the person has changed, that their personality now differs so they say that this is because of the soul within the donors heart. We would say that of course the person is going to be different, they have just survived dying by getting a heart transplant, that is going to change nearly everyone’s attitude to life, this is the change others see in that person. It is not a conflict, or transference of souls.

Others place the soul within the Pineal Gland within the Brain, (The 3rd eye as it is often described.) It being called the third eye as it is one of the Chakras of the body and it is responsible for our biological rhythms. PinealGland Harlin says that some call it the link between physical and spiritual world. It’s what maintains harmony. But the real  question, her subconscious just popped in is,  harmony as in?? Soul and body?? Does it act like a mutual agreement??? Like a patch up / compromise between the two???

Well the French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes though it was the “Seat of the Soul” and the place in which all our thoughts are formed.” (However, his observations have been widely rejected since.) Located near the center of the brain, the Pineal Gland is a very small organ shaped like a pine cone (Which is where it gets its name). It’s reddish-gray and about 1/3 inch long. It secretes a single hormone, melatonin which is rather special because its secretion is dictated by light. Thus melatonin secretion is low during the daylight hours and high during dark periods, nightime when you sleep!

The Pineal Gland’s full purpose is still a bit of a mystery. But research suggests that we’re getting closer to understanding it and more about the endocrine system as a whole. However that it is the seat of the Soul, becomes less likely as more is known about it.

Many say the Soul lives in every human cell HumanCell as they are all alive in their own right. Lamo has thoughts on this as it ties in with the idea that it may be relevant to the energy strings of the Physics theory of the same name. Please see our original thought on this idea God The Conductor were we put forward this Science & Religion together idea.

But again this raises another question, (We know so many questions!), if the soul lives in every cell then what happens to it when we have our hair cut for example, are we losing a bit of our soul? Hair follicles are creating new cells all the time, so is this making our Soul bigger? This idea also has to bring us back to organ transplants to. With so many more parts of the human body now being transplanted then what would happen to the Soul? If it does live in every cell, then it lives in all these organs to. If we give a Kidney are we giving up part of our Soul? Conversely does the person getting it gain part of our Soul in them? Would this lead to some kind of Soul Schizophrenia if that person had several transplants from different people? (We know a weird thought but if the theory is true then this is possible!)

One idea that crosses our mind is, perhaps the soul is like an ethereal Battery, in that the individual string energy in each fundamental piece of matter that makes up our physical body, (All of these living cells.), merely are like the flow of electrons required to keep it charged, energized? This would then explain why we can lose cells in hair cuts etc. yet not lose a piece of our soul.

Now though we hit a very real question. If it lives within our cells but needs many to exist then explain how at the instant of conception when we have but a few cells, if we actually have a soul at that point? Or does there come a point during the development of a baby that somehow there are enough cells to generate the energy to create the Soul battery? It simply cannot be in every cell as an individual soul else we would be leaving our soul everywhere in this physical world?

OK now here is a really weird thought, (This is what we are famous for though!), does a Soul have intelligence as we understand it? The idea of it being tied to these energy strings has made the assumption that the Soul is made of pure energy yet if that is the case how does this Soul energy have the ability to communicate? Our thought comes back to the energy strings that are described within the theory of the same name. (String Theory.) We postulated, in a previous blog, that this may be how God’s presence is everywhere along with his ability to make them vibrate in different tunes to affect the physical Universe. (You can read that thought here God The Conductor ).

Are our Souls able to affect this same manipulation of these energy Strings? Perhaps somehow more localized though to just those contained within the cells that make up our physical bodies? (Read on as we unravel all these thoughts to we think an actual conclusion.)

We think that our soul that we are aware of here in this small physical Universe is merely an extension of a bigger one from another realm. (See our thoughts on The Interfaces of the Soul? ) Somehow we are given this physical body at the point of creation, (Conception within the physical body of another soul’s remote female physical form.), as some sort of extension, like an smart online Web Cam if you will. Our Ethereal main Soul of energy, (Our true self in the other Realm.), can sense or see what this extended part experiences and learns from the physical senses yet it is a one way communication stream. Thus this offshoot of our main Soul becomes self aware itself yet can not really sense its connection to its larger constituent part. We think that this is some kind of learning experience method for our main Soul. We go further as we believe that it even does this multiple times and that it may probably even have several connections to many bodies in this physical realm? (Including that of other living beings like Dog’s, Cat’s etc.) We think that somehow the energy within the living cells is used to, ‘Power’ this remote learning shell in the control of our larger Soul, as we say almost like an Ethereal battery.

Rather than a Web Cam, think of it like a deep sea rover with a person in perhaps, this remote person feeds information from sensors back to a bigger mother ship, (Via a lifeline cable), for interpretation and learning. (A simplistic analogy we agree.RemoteSoul We also think that it is the mind that becomes the experience store over the life time of this physical body as it processes life experiences for our main Soul to learn from. In effect it creates memories as this part of the soul sees them in our aware mind like we permanent memory stick. Thus the mind and Soul are tightly coupled together. The mind, our aware self from this physical realm, goes back to the main Soul when we die, with these memories as a record of what it learned during its time here. Like we would look through an album pf photographs from our life.

Here though now we can answer, (We think.), the question raised in our Graveyards, Places of Pilgrimage? post as to how we can communicate with those that have died. Imagine that in the other Realm it is a huge room, with each Soul sat at a desk with its remote viewing screens. (Perhaps not all the time, hence needing the minds memories to review again as we do photographs of our past.).

Lets say that Soul A’s remote physical body has died. This means that when any Souls still alive here in this physical Universe talks to another Soul they knew here, it is their main Soul that hears this on his remote screen in the other realm. (OK let’s try an explain this as it is not easy!). Let’s say this Soul that still has a human soul in this physical Universe is called Soul B. When Soul B hears their physical Universe remote Soul talk to Soul A then in this big other realm room call Soul A over to Soul B’s remote communication screen to hear the message and send a response if needed back through it.

Therefore we have answered, where the soul lives in the physical Universe but also how we can communicate, or send messages to those Soul’s that have passed on from this physical Universe back to the other realm. We also think that because our main Souls also have remote connections to animals, Cats, Dogs etc. it is why these animals have the apparent ability to communicate with the dead, answering our question raised in the blog Cats, Messengers from the Underworld?

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018