Does Love Trump The Age Gap?

People often judge strongly a relationship with a chasm of ages of those in it. They cite the inevitable fact that at some point the older will no longer be there leaving the other alone. This may be true but think on this, how many people do you see who of the same generation go through a number of relationships never seemingly finding that one that is full of love. How can it be to see so many people, marry, divorce, marry and cycle through this like day does to night over the course of a month.

I would rather a relationship full of love that lasts as long as there is breath in the both sharing it, that gives meaning to a couples life together. AgeGap

Generations may have experienced different things, to which people may say there is too much of different thoughts between two separated by this measure of age. How many people who should be acting their age, choose to hold on to their youthful behavior. balance this against what is described as a person with an old head on young shoulders. Why is it that these should not meet somewhere in the middle of the generational gap and come together as one?

Yes perhaps there are gaps that just shouldn’t be bridged, when a twenty year old would partake with an eighty year old, well regardless of love the ending is not fully written to be a short story, for eighty, may make ninety or beyond, that could be but would be exceptional.

Even here though, if the younger one accepts that the loss of the other will be naturally inevitable, yet loves them regardless, then should not this love be cherished? Allowed to be in this World to show that there is such wonder to be shared between two people.

One other argument that might be present in the minds of those outside the two in love would be when the older of them has lived more life than the younger’s parents. Here though does not that mean the parents should almost rejoice in the knowledge that the elder understands unconditional love, along with that parental love for their child. Quite literally that the older of the two will love his younger partner till death they do part.

If two people can have true love together then it bridges the physical gap that may exist between them, for happiness in any relationship, is absolutely priceless.

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018