Do Angel’s Play Dice?

For as long as Lamo can remember he has often played life by rolling the dice in order to decide what to get up to. (Yes sometimes it is mischief but of a fun nature). Usually though he used it is to find new places, new experiences that his normal rational mind would not choose.

It is a sad fact that so many spend life not doing things because they think they cannot do them for some reason, yet in reality there is absolutely nothing that truly stops them.

Dice Living

This is where the whole concept of “dice living” comes in, whether in small ways, or full life changing decisions. It is the dice’s random chance that removes the blinkered choices most will not make in life as they fear walking away from the line of what society and others expect. The Dice removes this limitation.

Now we come to the thought behind this Harlam post. Lamo always thought rolling the dice was a random choice that is until very recently.

All his life he had been one of those who has been very scientific in about how things work. Always looking for that rational scientific explanation to why things happen. Very much like the great Einstein as he was quoted;

God does not play dice with the universe”.

If this great mind believes that all things can be explained with mathematics and scientific theories then who is Lamo, a lowly mind compared to his, to disagree with an all-time great?

Yet he did! (What Lamo disagreed with Einstein?). When he started using the dice as a young cub, he was always of the opinion that God would not sit there and individually guide rolls of the dice for everyone. Why would he as he gave us ‘free will’ to make our own choices in life. This by definition means that he would not then create fate by then  guiding the dice as it would contradict that gift of free will.

Do not get Lamo wrong here; he does think that God can see all and every path from every single choice that is made at all times. For him that means he does, “let the dice fall where they may” yet the key thing is that he will know in that moment where that random roll of a two or of a five will then branch our lives to. He knows the current path our life is on at any given moment.

Which is why he can answer our prayers when we ask for guidance yet he does not force us down any given path, he allows us to make that choice of ‘free will‘.

Therefore going back to our dice, when letting them dice release from the hand, whatever the result, it was going to be truly random.

For Lamo this meant that there was no fate involved thus removing the blame of a choice from absolutely everything, including God. Which is, most times, what stops people from making those choices to new experiences as you end up doing after the dice had made the decision. Hence the phrase ‘Dice Living

Lamo had spent all these years dice living believing without question that the dice were a truly random decision.

Now though, Lamo having met Harlin, who is far more in tune with the spiritual side of life then explained about Angel numbers. This is the belief that Angels can give us messages of guidance through the use of numbers in our lives.

Messages From the Angels

I will not explain the whole concept here as this you can Google yourself, such as the following Angel Numbers

The other spiritual idea that is important here, that many may disagree with, is that every living human soul has a, “Guardian Angel“, sometimes more but for this Harlam post, lets work on the principal each person having just the one for now.

We have just put forward the idea that Angels can give us messages using numbers. By this we mean those that are a little different, duplicate numbers, 11, 22 etc. triples 333 or maybe 1234 but in very random places. This could be clocks, car number plates, prices on food, all sorts of places. (Please read our post on what are real angel numbers here).

The reason for this method of Angel communication is based on the fact that we would not be able to understand the normal communication that Angels use, it would make no sense to us, thus they send those that are willing to listen, these number messages.

Yes we know this post so far seems a bit random, (Pardon the dice pun here.). As we have talked about Dice, God, (Who doesn’t play dice) and now Angels, so lets now put these together with the thought of this post.

Lamo now postulates, (Great word that one!), if Angels give us messages through the use of these numbers, is it also possible that they do this by showing a particular number of the dice we have just rolled as well? Could this be classed as an Angel number?

We have already said that he believes God does not get involved in these supposed random dice rolls yet he gave us each a ‘Guardian Angel’ to watch over us, to help us, guide us. Does this Angel then have God’s permission to nudge that supposed random dice to a particular number as a message?

As a thought to explain this thought, if you have ever used Angel Oracle cards, the whole point is that you allow your personal Angel to select through you the card that delivers the message they want to give you at this point in your life. The card is not a random choice but that of your Angel. Although this is viewed only as guidance, is it not also moving you toward a particular path to follow in life?

Guardian Angel Guiding Us

Would your Guardian Angel, selecting the number that dice lands on, be another way to give you a message about your path in life? Or would this actually contradict free will being considered a form of fate because the choice was not actually random nor made by us?

Thus is it possible that Angels may actually remove the random nature from dice rolling in these situations as they are trying to give you a message of guidance?

Obviously we don’t mean every single roll of the dice, we mean, why would they influence it when you are playing a game of Monopoly for example as where is the life guidance in these sorts of rolls?

But the thought here is when we use dice for ‘Dice Living’ are these rolls always truly random or is our Guardian Angel giving us a little help?


© Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018





Angel Numbers, Which are ‘Real’?

Here at Harlam the conversation is very often inclusive of this phenomenon, Angel Numbers, as they are a big part of life for both of us now. Many people are not even aware of this spiritual guidance that is there for all of us as are they are simply unaware of it.

We thought we would share this post so that others may also come to understand them, for they may already be getting the messages but when you don’t talk the language then it is very easy to misunderstand. (Like being in a Foreign country and not speaking the language.) You can see them but have no idea is they are being nice or nasty with their words.

Harlin has always been more in tune with the spiritual side of life, whereas Lamo was aware of it but was not aware of things such as Angels sending us messages through the language of numbers.

Messages From the Angels

The reason for this is that we as humans simply would not understand the Angel’s native communication. It is for this reason they use numbers around us to send us messages when they need to.

Over the last few months through our conversations, Harlin has talked about and explained them to Lamo for she has been seeing them for a while. She has greatly helped to expand Lamo’s understanding to see the meaning that exists behind Angels sending us these numerical messages.

You too may well be seeing them but just thinking of them as odd coincidences, do you see number plates with repeating numbers, “ABC 123” or perhaps wake and reach for your phone, unaware of the time, to find it is “2:22“, these could well be Angel numbers.

As it happens this was rather fortuitous as poor Lamo had started to worry about seeing a particular repeating number all the time, “333“.

Before learning from Harlin, Lamo had a worry that there was something wrong for he would, for an unknown reason, often wake to find that is was on or very near to, (never more than a couple of minutes thus actually showing 33 regardless), but more often than not, dead on “3:33am”.

For a long time he believed this was a bad omen, as it is known as the “witching hour” to some, a bad thing in general.

Good Message NOT a Bad Omen!

After talking with Harlin he came to understand that this is actually a very positive Angel Number with a very meaningful message behind it. He could see the relevance of what the Angels were telling him as it related very strongly to what was going on in his life.

We are not going to try and explain all the numbers that you might see, if you do see them then simply search on the Internet, “Angel Numbers” and the number you are seeing.

However there is a ‘Gotcha’ here that needs to be considered to. That is not that the messages might be bad or have negative meanings, no, that once we become aware of them we start to manufacture them.

If we stop to think about it we live in a world that is literally full of numbers but in everyday life we filter 99% of these out for they have no relevance to us. House numbers, car number plates, clocks, prices and so many more.

Now here is the question. When we become aware of what Angel Numbers are, the messages of positivity in them then do our minds now start to look for them rather than let them just happen to us. Which actually is not a bad thing of course as it strengthens our positive thoughts even if we are creating potentially false messages.

For example we all know reasonable well what time of the day it is, by the light, time we start work, people having lunch, the news on the TV and the relentless amount of clocks that are quite literally everywhere.

Our minds may therefore start looking at clocks at particular times that we will see these numbers, (Just after 11 for the 11:11 as an example), we might well start scanning car number plates, (Many are going to have repeated numbers on them.), or perhaps looking up when we are walking down a street as we know we are near a particular numbered house. We are now forcing ourselves to see the numbers we want rather than see the ones that are truly sent to us by our Angels.

In reality we are now just picking out the numbers we want to see rather than them being genuine. In this way we can start to think we are seeing many more messages when actually because our minds are aware of them, whether consciously or sub-consciously, many are surely now simply what we could term ‘false positives’.

As they have such a huge meaning, (The real ones), if we create our own then we may well be giving ourselves a very wrong message.  But here in lies the problem how do we know which are real and those that we may have created in our own minds?

The following is an example of what we think can be taken as a ‘real’ Angel Number message that was not manufactured by the mind wanting to see it.

(In a Galaxy far far away, no not really, let’s be serious here). Lamo had worked a long day, upon arriving home was really tired. He thought he would lie down, maybe nap for an hour just to refresh his body and mind for the evening to come.

It was probably around half five of the evening, (On this day he had started very early in the morning), however he couldn’t quite get off as urban noise was playing on his ears. Although he cannot remember the exact time he did finally fall into a peaceful sleep. Sounds like a great line from the end of a film. (Fade to credits with soft music playing!)

NO for this is not the end of this particular film more the beginning in fact. Like everyone he eventually woke again. Now at this point he had no idea at all what the time was and reached for his phone, literally seconds after waking. And there is was, shining as bright as the sun in the sky, “21:21“.

Lamo’s Questions Answered

When Lamo then researched what this message was, he was astounded to find that it answered not one but two questions that had been troubling his mind.

He strongly believes that this was Angel’s answering those questions and he found peace in the message.

It could not be self-scripted as this was not the same as going to bed at the normal time, waking at the same time most mornings, these are pre-determined by our own doing. Let’s face it if we wake in the morning, whether 5, 6, 7 or 8am, we will likely see the same minutes as hours on the clocks, or phones 05:05 or 08:08. A ‘false positive’, it is what we class as a natural everyday number NOT a message from the Angels.

Lamo had gone to sleep at an unconventional time, with no alarm to wake him, instead the Angel’s nudged him awake at this odd time to pass their message on.

Harlin sees them were she works in the Hospital, now you can’t script the numbers she saw in this instance, (See picture below), to be there at the exact time the three repeated numbers were there on the monitor for that patient is just something that you could not plan.

Impossible To Plan

Here the one question we could ask though in this situation, is who was the message actually for? Was it for Harlin, or was the Angel asking her to pass the message on to the patient that this monitor was connected to?

Another example of what would be ‘real’, perhaps when walking down a street there is a car doing something very odd, or maybe it is parked in a really strange way, something that draws your eye to it over hundreds of others? On the number plate you see your number message, it can be taken that the angels have manufactured the cars situation in order to draw your attention to it and their message.

Something that would be especially powerful to this being genuine is after you have received that number message, the car drives off. Then this definitely was for you, as now it is gone it is no longer there for anyone else, the Angels had put it there to draw your attention and yours alone to it.

Lastly we would say that the messages they send a very interpretive, you need to understand how it relates to you and what is happening in your life at the time you receive it.

We strongly suggest that rather than go to one site on the big wide Internet, read a few about what your number means, Then string these together so they form a better picture of what the Angels are trying to tell you and how it relates to what is going on in your life at the moment. Remember that each guru that explains these numbers on the web, only interprets how they understand them, thus each will be slightly different. Although the message should be similar.

Think of it like chocolate, there are many available to us each with a slightly different taste. We know each is chocolate yet each with have a subtle difference in flavour so we need to find the one that suits our uniqueness the best.

In conclusion we strongly believe that Angel numbers are real, that they are messages from them but you need to make sure that you do not start to manufacture them. Think very hard about how it was you came to see the number, only you can then be honest with yourself as to if it was truly genuine or not.


(C) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018