Bubble Wrap, the Story Of Life!

We all love this stuff that keeps the contents of our parcels safe from harm. There is a therapeutic sense of relief that is bigger than the excitement of what ever it was that it once wrapped. We almost discard that just so we can get that unrivaled stress relief  of slowly, methodically popping each of those little bubbles, pop, pop, ooh pop until we reach that sad point where there are only a couple left, then two then there is just the last one.

What amazing stuff this is, Bubble wrap hand_holding_a_bubble_wrap_roll was invented in 1957 by engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in Hawthorne, New Jersey. Believe it or not it started life as two shower curtains, (No we kid you not!), creating a smattering of air bubbles, which they originally tried to sell as wallpaper. (No seriously we are not making this up!). When the product turned out to be unsuccessful as wallpaper, the team marketed it as greenhouse insulation, (Well you would wouldn’t you?). It was not until 1960 that it was first used as protective wrapping by none other than IBM to wrap is then 1401 computer. All this is covered in greater depth on Wikipedia, on this link, The Bubble Wrap Story.

However Harlin, was explaining that she had been having one of her regular subconscious conversations, (Yes with herself!), about a thought around this plastic wonder of air bubbles. She came up with this beautifully profound yet simple thought in this real conversation we were having;

Each and every moment is like “Air trapped in a bubble of a giant bubble wrap. Once you pop it (as in live in the moment) life is never the same.

When thinking about this it was a great metaphor about life, which drove us to pen this little piece for our Blog site and share with you.

Life is often, rightly to, looked as a long series of individual single moments, that once they have passed, we cannot get back. Also we think of the Universe as this huge curved sheet full of space and time, so why can we not apply this same principal to life? Now we have a comparison of all our individual moments in life as these little, fragile air bubbles on this huge but not infinite sheet of life. As we travel through our lives we are slowly bursting each of these precious moments, releasing the precious air it contains that then disappear for ever more.

But much more than this we have altered the state of that whole sheet, life into a new shape that will never ever be the same again, as Harlin so eloquently describes in such a beautifully simple thought. Every time a single little moment of our life is burst, that underlying layer has been fundamentally changed by the tiniest of actions on our part, changing the whole shape of our life.

The second thought on this is when we have a big roll of Bubble Wrap we have no idea how many of those little individual moments it may contain for us to have the satisfaction of popping throughout life. It must be remembered that it is not an unlimited sheet that rolls on forever with an infinite set of them, so it is important that as we slowly burst these moments.

We must take time to appreciate how precious each and every one is before  they fade out of existence, to savour the subtle difference there is in every pop of that air being released because if we truly listen each of those moments has its own truly individual sound.


(C) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

The Journey of a Smile.

Whilst having one of our odd conversations, Harlin posed the thought about what she called, “The Journey of a Smile”. She expressed the beautiful thought about how it seems to travel from one face to another, from our eyes to our lips, ears to lips or even from the softest of human touch to lips.

The Smile is an Amazing Thing

Describing the loving interaction of how does the touch when a mother tickles her baby make him or her smile or laugh? From our ears to curl our lips into that smile when a voice, song or an orchestra plays a sweet symphony?

Further her thoughts turned to the fact the the beginning of a smile could be from a dead entity too, a heart shaped rock, a Beautiful sky, the rising or setting sun.

The following was the resultant piece that we went on to write as an expansion of this thought together, we have posted it here to share with you in the hope this to will see the journey of a smile from our simple words in thought to travel across the world of the Internet to arrive upon your own face as you read this.

The Journey Of A Smile

It starts hidden within the depths of the mind as neurons start to fire with a shape that is yet formless. Slowly they start to form patterns of millions of such tiny insignificant little things yet the effect they will have is profound upon us. An image form creating a memory with emotion that releases all sorts of weird unpronounceable chemicals but these names are completely unimportant for in that moment the right muscles move involuntarily hidden within our faces that curl our soft lips into a smile that beams as war as any sunrise seeps across the land.

Does that image start simply from a thought within our mind we interpret as such a happy time since gone that now repeats it emotion upon us? No, perhaps the journey starts with something as simple as a heart shaped rock that emotes somehow happy feeling that travels in an instant from such inanimate objects at the speed of feeling that fires the minds passion to explode as a supernova smile.

It can travel from the physical touch of another soul’s skin as the nerves carry the message of happiness across the body through miles of nerves as roads on a map to reach that final destination where the arch of the smile is always so welcoming. Not just to our own selves but like a bus full of unseen emotions that simply are it travels the road to another soul creating there that same arch so full of the joy of reaching its destination.

As music resounds in harmony through the air that lands upon hammer and anvil of the ear it beats a rhythm that carries further than the loudest echo that shapes a symphony of orchestrated muscles into the crescendo of our smile.

Like that sunshine that rolls across the landscape so too does our smile to those around us for they are now affected. So like light that smile crosses the infinite boundary of human emotion as it travels its journey from person to person. None really knowing why they have been stricken yet rather than question it allows it to grow in so doing they to have now have become a new lighthouse that shines the smile onto even more human ships that pass by on the sea of life.

The journey of a smile is truly unbounded by distance, it needs no medium to carry it, a timeless traveler full of such emotional fuel to journey us to feelings beyond the measure of stars.

Harlin’s final thought was put into this beautiful quote;

I guess smile is an expression of our satisfied or pleasured senses.


(C) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018