Compliments Are Now Harassment?

We write here tonight with our hearts heavy, full of sadness not because there has been a tragedy to either of us or someone we know but that we see around us that we have reached such a sad point in modern society.

It was a comment that Harlin made in a conversation that started Lamo to respond with the following long thought, (To be fair our thoughts always are!).

I was raised to be polite, compliment people, listen, be tolerant thanks to my amazing parents. Growing up in a very rural part of the English countryside where there are few people for miles around, you make the most of any social moment. Becoming a very naturally forward person but with good intent in your heart.

Modern Reaction?

But it gets me that we live in a generation now were if I were to compliment a young lady I passed on the street, or in a public place somewhere, she would more likely slap me or claim sexual harassment or even abuse?

Yet now even I so often find I have to hold my tongue more especially in public because I can no longer assume that talking to a stranger will be taken with the good intent it would be given, especially with young ladies. I am from a generation where beauty is appreciated and acknowledged in whatever form it exists. How do such phrases as, “Just wanted to say your very beautiful“, or perhaps, “What a lovely smile” become so seemingly sinister now? When they are given with absolutely no intent behind them other than to make that person feel more appreciated.

Harlin raised the point that when interactions happen there is a wealth of communication made subconsciously through body language which should convey the actual intent of the meaning behind this act of random kindness?

Lamo then postulated that perhaps then it is more localized societies such as London, (Where Lamo has his pride.), has forgotten how to understand body language in that random brief moment. Further the pressure of that modern rat race society has created an invisible protection barrier around them that is now not let down for anything. Even a random act of kindness in a simple compliment is now a crime as it to is considered as breaking that invisible barrier?

A generation or so ago it would be taken as what it was meant, generally a man to woman, a compliment, a raise of the hat with a, “Good Morning ladiessmiling young woman cute as they passed in the street, sure perhaps the lady might blush a little. But now too much is read into it for some reason regardless of body language especially in places like London. Maybe with women receiving it, there is a subconscious alarm going off within them because of the more violent nature of such societies, “Is he going to attack me, or worse” Thus they now don’t blush because they don’t want to become a victim, so they attack back whether intentional or reflex action. Even to a good intention kind word or two with passive body language.

Maybe,¬†Lamo added, that it’s also that it’s such a sexual society now, it’s about sex in this day and age, thus any compliment no matter how it’s delivered, especially from man to woman, is seen automatically as a chat up line, a lead with strings attached, which is taken by them as, “I want to fuck you” Not just a passing remark to make someone smile.

There is a slight difference in these acts as between woman it is a more relaxed attitude for they can say such things as, “That’s a lovely dress“, or perhaps, “I love your hair“. Then a, “Thank you” is returned with a smile, no aggression.

Harlin, (Being a woman.), said that from her point, I have complimented so many ladies . Some took it as a prank, a joke, a lie and few seriously. The problem was not in my approach. It was their, “mind set“.

So we reach the crux of the problem here, that somehow society has over a generation changed how this, “mind set”, of people¬† has been so radically changed by modern day society. Here we have seen a change in the way that human interaction has been changed for the worse with the simple act of paying a random stranger a simple compliment. There are many other things it affects to but for this post it was how this response has become so volatile almost that people are drawn away from such human interaction, men will now not be chivalrous to a lady because of this?

This is what makes our hearts so sad that Chivalry is now likely to take you to court. How has the world reached such a point?

Lamo’s mind wonders if this is what drives us in this modern age to become more anonymous as well as isolated

No Future Human Interaction?

from others through the veil of social media as well? We feel this gives as some layer of protection against this political correctness gone mad?

For us we feel it makes us so much less human.

Our heart sinks with heaviness for the future for it means more people like Lamo that are simply friendly, want to interact with people around us, stop doing so. The world is becoming a London Tube ride, where it is now an unwritten rule in a place were there are so many other humans around you, that you don’t talk to anyone in the carriage.

This is a journey humanity should not be making.

Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018