Misplaced Indulgence of New Year.

Don’t get us wrong it is lovely to see New Year’s Eve just as a reminder that humanity has continued to survive somehow. (We really do wonder how though!) But we at Harlam  have to raise a great concern that really bugs us both. Why we spend so much money on this like the luxury extravagance it is? I’m pretty sure New Years Eve didn’t ask us to throw money at it like we do.

Money Up In Flames

Yet London alone spent an estimated £3,250,000. on this display, (That’s in 2019 when this log was written.), that is not including the extra demand on the already underfunded Police, Ambulance and Fire services. Unfortunately there are many party revelers can’t even enjoy this event without being completely stupid about it! How do we even begin to calculate the cost that creates to the tax paying public? Whilst we mention London here, we are talking about all the Cities around the Globe that put these expensive displays on, New York, Sydney etc.

Then in the aftermath there is the clean up costs of the discarded tons of litter city dwellers simply expect to magically disappear rather than take on the responsibility themselves. (We‘d like to see what they thought if strangers left litter in their houses!!) More cost, not just financially but the extra addition to those already vast landfills created as another hidden result of this supposed celebration.

Further more does anyone consider the air in the multiple Cities within each of the countries around the world, already well polluted slowly choking us already. (Lamo has noticed that there seems to be a lot more people coughing than ever before, coincidence? Doubt it.) Why do we add all this extra firework smoke into the already overworked ecological system? Just so we have something pretty to watch for 10 minutes that adds to the already indefinite environmental damage we have done.

Think about this whist the affluent few were partying drunk on the street, the homeless

Those Forgotten.

were undoubtedly moved along from the usual warm spots to be completely forgotten about so the rest could be indulged. As they drank, ate and partied watching millions of pounds simply light up the sky for what is simply just another night of the year! These people were scavenging on hands and knees just to find some where to try and get a few hours sleep, or a scrap of food from a rubbish bin somewhere. (Not forgetting that we are not a wasteful society anyway!).

As a prelude thought to our final thought on this, why not turn these huge celebrations into environmentally green affairs?

Modern Tech Re-Use

Use modern technology, that we so love, to our planets benefit? These produce no air pollution, more than this the units are re-usable to. They could be used for any and all big celebrations throughout the year. Thus whilst they may have an initial cost this would negate itself the more they are used unlike the one time use firework? (We are not business people but even we can see the financial benefit here!) These days with computer driven cleverness they can be made to create displays that would be impossible for fireworks, yet just simple programming for modern technology?

In fact taking this even further these could be recreated in Virtual Reality to be broadcast to people’s smartphones that can’t be there in person so they don’t miss out. (This would be an almost exact copy of the actual display to!). Why not use this technology we human’s have so much pride about to also benefit the planet that we ALL live on?

Our final thought is therefore to ask it is why are Cities around the world are wasting money on such an indulgence like this when that huge budget could be used to feed and home, even if briefly, those trapped in a broken life on the streets? Surely it is far more human to forgo what is in reality a lavish waste of money that does more harm than good to the environment to give those few needy people the priceless gift of hope?

(C) Harlin & Lmao The Lion 2018

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