We are two people who share crazy thoughts thinking it might be a good idea to share some of these with the rest of the world!! Even though we live in different countries, the UK and India, we talk to each other everyday. This ranges from the serious things in life but also the fun, light hearted stuff that you can’t help but giggle about.

Harlin“, lives in India working in the medical world as a Doctor, where as “Lamo The Lion” is from London where he works as a Photographer and IT consultant. Although both of us have been known to write a little with virtual pen and paper. It is how we two actually met some years ago, so writing is in the blood that flows through the veins of both of us and we are grateful that it bought us together.

Harlam” was a combination of our two pen names for a dictionary that we have also been working on. (We will publish this as a page here soon to!)

These bloggs, once we get the hang of this weird WordPress editor thingy, will start to get posted. We would welcome your comments, thoughts views etc. once we get going. (Although rude ones, with profanity will be deleted!)

Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017