Chicalicalee The Chocolate Teddy

In another writing challenge I was given, Chocolate, Water, Kite, Picture Frame and Curtain. The following is the short story I wrote using these five random words, I hope you enjoy!


Chicalicalee was a great actor, in the world of confectionery the best there ever was. When the curtain would fall upon what ever play he was acting in the crowd would go completely bananas. Oh he loved the adoration, the standing ovations, the great reviews he got within the local paper, the “Sweet Wrapper”. Everyone loved the chocolate teddy but inside he was so very sad that he would, when alone, often sit and cry tears of despair.

As he would tell those closest to him, the problem with being made of chocolate was that the sun was not your friend. In fact going outside on a hot sunny day was quite lethal as his cousin had found to her cost some years back. Oh she had smothered herself in sun factor 50 custard cream as she hit the beach. Swimming out against the waves of the lemonade sea, so lost in the moment of enjoyment her mind was in a state of euphoria as she retuned to the sherbet shore. Leaving the lemonade she walked back towards her towel almost unaware every step she took she was getting shorter as she melted.

The custard cream that had protected her was now floating away out towards the horizon in the lemonade sea. About half way between the sea and her towel, where lie the cream, realisation of the situation sank in. Beginning to run towards the cream that could save that was which was left of her once beautiful chocolate body, she fell for her legs were no more, now melded into the sherbet. She frantically scrambled to pull herself along with arms, this to in vain, for all her fingers, wrists had now gone the same way as the legs that once supported her. Very quickly, for it was a hot day in confectionery world, she was no more than a pool of liquid, her entire being now melted away.

Chicalicalee had no intention of going out of this world in such a wet way!!

But he had a secret, one he didn’t share with anyone. That was being a kite flyer. Oh how he loved the thrill of getting it airborne into the wind, slowly manipulating the strings making it dance like a ballerina.

Yet he could only achieve this satisfaction on those days when the sun was to be hidden behind the clouds on those days when others would not venture for the rain pelted, the wind blew like the bellows of a giants forge. For Chicalicalee his love of kite flying was something that was shunned in this world, yet it was almost perfect. How those strong winds gave that kite such movement that it appeared almost alive as it vigorously moved upon the unseen breath in the sky. Plus being the only one out there, the secret could be kept to himself. Finally, and rather importantly of course, there was no sun to bring about an early demise!

For a few weeks now the weather had not been conducive to his hidden talent as it had been rather summery. He’d watched from behind the safety of his window curtain, peering through the crack, as those made of more resilient ingredients played outside in those warm long days. Yet he had not been wasteful with his trapped time in his air conditioned fridge house, oh no. Working on a new design for his kite, (He was rather an expert on aero design now!), had created one that he believed would be able to catch more wind allowing it to move like a maddened break dancer in the sky above him.

Soon his patience was rewarded, as the storm clouds gathered pushing the warm sun from view, he seized his chance. Out he went, excitement was building at the thought of this new beast he carried, oh would it be as good as he hoped? Slowly he held it out, his back to the wind, as it began to bite on the kite, he slowly un reeled more string from the new belt pulley he had also built. Not so long ago, the wind had taken hold pulling one right out of his hands never to be seen no more. The belt would ensure that he was always anchored to the kite, or was it the other way round?

The kite building up height was starting to really dance, the new design was working just as he had hoped and more. Up and up it went, more and more its movements became exaggerated, oh it was so beautiful to his eyes he’d not noticed how strong the wind was, the tautness of the string tugging upon his hollow chocolate body. Suddenly he was lifted off the ground, panic sunk in but before he could do anything he was carried up so high. He could not undo his belt to freedom for the fall, well he could only picture his old friend Humpty the Cadbury Cream Egg, all battered and in so many tiny pieces after falling from that wall. He decided that it was best to let the storm carry him off to wherever it would see fit. That was the last confectionery world ever saw of Chicalicalee except for one tiny memento.

Unbeknown to him, he’d been followed that day by Marilyn the Mars bar, for she had secretly been in love with him for years but was too afraid to say anything for he was such a famous star. Always would she carry a camera with her, to capture pictures of the love of her life that she could ogle at home. This day had been no different. Now though all she could do was sit, heart broken as she looked at the last ever photo of him, being pulled away in to the stormy sky, never to be seen again. She picked the picture frame up and held it tight to her heart as she began to sob again, tears falling like water falls of lost love flowing…….

The End…

(c) Lamo The Lion 2019