Dr Who takes on Thanos!

SPOILER ALERT: The first thing we should say about this post is, if you have not seen the Avengers Endgame film and more amazingly don’t know how it ends, DO NOT read any further.


You have been warned.

One of the things we have had many conversations at Harlam about is how few cross over movies are made. Although with recent Marvel and DC efforts this has become a little more common but only in their individual franchises.

Here we have thought of such intermixed films as Mission Impossible taking on Jason Bourne, as a typical example. A team that take on missions that are seeming impossible yet never failing to succeed. Thus if someone really wants to catch the elusive Mr Bourne then simply hire the IMF! (We would like to patent that idea for a film right here and now!)

On to the topic for this post. If you haven’t seen Endgame this is your very last chance to stop reading!

Technically this post does not need to be written nor its concept thought about for we know that in the end those pesky Avengers eventually get the better of him, due in now small part to Tony Stark, (Iron Man), who wields the final Thanos killing blow, well click of his fingers. After solving the not to simple problem of time travel of course just to help them out a bit.

After this film there was lots of speculation about who else could have defeated Thanos, whether from the actual Marvel Universe, or other comic book hero’s. I am sure you must have read many yourself, including a few that mentioned the protagonist Lamo would like to champion in this post.

Lamo is a huge Dr Who fan, DrWho thus he was explaining to Harlin why he felt the odds were in the Doctor’s favour to defeat Thanos on his own. Here are the thoughts he puts forward to validate his hypothesis.

First we know that the Infinity stones awesome power only works within the normal Universe. This is confirmed within the MCU film by Antman who was trapped within the quantum realm, outside the normal Universe, being completely immune to any affects of the stones powers when Thanos snaps his fingers.

Within the TARDIS, (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), the interior along with the shell of the Doctors companion ship are themselves outside of the normal Universe space time.

We can say with certainty those infinity stones would have no affect on either the Tardis or anyone, usually the Doctor, within it. It is, like the quantum realm of the Antman’s the only other completely safe place when the stones are used.

Using the Infinity stones changes the reality of the entire Universe, we know as in the penultimate film, that naughty Thanos wipes out half the life in the known Universe, with a click of his fingers. Most would say its too powerful for even the Doctor to compete against but Lamo says “No!”

During the Doctors eleventh incarnation he is trapped within a very special prison called the Pandorica, which itself is completely sealed from the Universe surrounding it. Has to be to hold the legendary Doctor prisoner.

Unfortunately in this same story line the Tardis Tardis is exploding which destroys the entire Universe, except for the Earth, the Moon, along with the Pandorica containing the Doctor. (I am not going to explain the whole story line, watch Dr Who “The Big Bang 2”).

Our hero put forward in this post, uses the restoration field of the Pandorica, (Used to prevent prisoners from escaping by dying!), to save the Universe. He uses the Pandorica, the billions of atoms within it, to fly into the exploding Tardis using a vortex manipulator to recreate a new Universe that was based on the original. At great cost to himself though.

We know then the Doctor is able to reset the entire Universe without the infinity stones by using other devices at his disposal. A Tardis, all be it exploding plus the Pandorica. As Thanos can with the infinity stones, showing both have the same power over the Universe making them, as far as I know, the only two beings that have done this?

Obviously this post is written on the premise that the Hulk & Iron Man from Endgame had not succeeded with their use of the Infinity Stone Gauntlet!

Let us now think about any time hopping fighting, which is how the Avengers got a second go at Thanos. Courtesy of a somewhat modest Tony Stark, who solves time travel whilst supping his coco.

Between our antagonist and protagonist within this post, these two may try to outwit each other fighting through time as well.  Thanos with the time stone, the Doctor with his Tardis. Well lets face it, only one has a very long practiced history of doing this as he is none other than a Time Lord! Here again the Doctor would absolutely run rings around the big man with his time stone.

Another thing we know is that the Doctor is possibly the smartest being in the Universe, with an intelligence that surpasses both Thanos or Tony Stark by a huge margin. All that thinking ten steps ahead of your opposition to beat them in a game of Universe chess, sorry but the Doc has this trumped again.

Before we get to Lamo’s final argument, there is a penultimate thought about the fighting the power of the infinity stones. Dr Who has an enemy known as Stavros, creator of the absolute evil that are the Daleks. Whilst they work within the Universe that the Avengers, Thanos all live within our hero faced a far more deadly weapon. The Doctor in his tenth reincarnation face a weapon created by Stavros with his Dalek’s called the, “Reality Bomb“, in the storyline, “Journey’s End”.

This was not only capable of killing all life in the Universe, that inhabited by Earth, Avengers, Thanos etc. but also in all parallel Universes to. That is rather more powerful than the infinity stones being wielded by Thanos. Although not completely on his own, our Doctor was able to use his immense knowledge to eventually neutralise this more than significant threat to much more than just one Universe!

To Lamo, this suggests understanding how the infinity stones work, finding a clever way to potentially neutralise them would be a doddle. Perhaps as simple as materialising the Tardis around Thanos removing him from the normal Universe into one controlled by the Doctor, rendering the infinity stones ineffective as they are now outside the only universe in which they work. (That is just a simple Lion spiff balling what the smarter Doctor would be capable of.)

Finally, possible most importantly, add to this the fact that our time lord fought arguable the Universe’s most threatening war, “The Time War” with those other evil beings of nastiness, The Daleks. Which culminated in him wiping the entire Dalek race, along with Gallefrey, the Time Lord home planet, (His own kin!), from the Universe. Showing know this man is possibly the most ferocious warrior the Universe has ever seen?

The Final Conclusion

Lamo concludes that with all this taken into account, whether taking Thanos on leading up to a Universe changing click of the fingers or using his intellect, Tardis whatever else was required, could somehow find a way to beat or undo what Thanos did post use of the Inifinity stones.

The Doctors main advantage over all other potential contenders? Being he reset the entire Universe without having to use the infinity stones, that for me seals the deal of the two who would win had the Avengers not been around.

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019