Global Harlam Day

March 3rd

A special day for best friends celebrated each year on this date to show how much they mean to each other.


How To Observe

As the day is about having a best friend then we want people around the Globe to make the effort to show each other that they are special to each other. If you live near each other then this is the day that you make sure to meet up for a coffee, (Or tea if you prefer that!).

If though like Lamo & Harlin, you are separated by great distances then make sure you get together on this day through the wonderful world of technology for a virtual coffee.

One of the things we have always done is that we create words that we then use in our conversations. When you are together on this day, spend some time in composing a special word of your own that has relevance to you both. See our Dictionary for the words that we have added to our vocabulary over the years.

Make sure you post your words, stories anything else about this day through social media using the hashtag #HarlamDay


It was on March 3rd 2015 that Harlin & Lamo first met on their journey to become the greatest of friends they are today. As time has progressed they have come to truly value that special bond of trust that a best friend has. That they know your darkest of secrets yet they are still your friend.

We wanted to create a day when people would be inspired to make the effort to make sure they find time for the special friend in their life.

(C) Harlin & Lamo The Lion  2018