Harlam Dictionary

HarlamDictionary“We started creating words that were a combination of longer ones, or that described something specific, into our conversations. This page lists these with their meanings so you can use them  in your conversations? There are more to post as time goes on but here are some to get the party started, so to speak.

Beaucue”     – Used as in, “You are Beautiful & Cute” or “She is Beautifully Cute”
Beautake”    – A Beautiful Mistake.
Calilty”         – When you feel guilty for eating too many calories, Calorie Guilty.
Catluage”     – The language used by Cats! (Pronounced: Cat-loo-arge)
Colloughts” – Collaborative Thoughts.
Difoint”         – A Friend who Disappoints you.
Drisaviour – Drunken Misbehaviour
Drisbaving” – Drunkenly misbehaving
Dyght”          – Expression to one sleeping during day, Good “Day Night”
Emolexia”   – Dyslexia when using Emoji’s!!
Famelexia” – Mistyping an Emoji in a Facebook Post!
Fedthife”      – Fed up with life.
Furning”      – Greeting to one asleep ready for morning, Good “Future Morning”
Grhoto”        – A Great Photograph.
Hairrortale” – A really bad hair day, that is like a horror story.
Hapthife”     – Happy with life.
Hazlat”          – A Hazelnut Latte (As available from Black Sheep Coffee)
Imdu”           – I Missed You (Imdul – I Missed you Loads) – See also “Winmu
Imdusm”      – I Missed You So Much
Imusm”        – I Miss You So Much
Instemolexia” – Instagram Emolexia.
Lonst”           – Feeling Lonely & Lost as in “I feel lonst”
Mesomelixia” – Messenger Emolexia, Mistyping Emojis in a Messenger Message.
Mornight”    – A time very early in the morning, past bedtime but too early to be up.
Mugen”         – Musical Genius.
Mythnoma” – A Myth that has no substance.
Newors”       – New Words for the Harlam Dictionary.
Nigift”           – Working Night Shift, “I am nigift”
Nikollery”    – Wearing a Nikon Camera round your neck like jewellery.
Pakk Pakk”  – Chicken, as in food, “I am having Pakk Pakk for dinner”.
Poink”           – Egg, (Pakk Pakk) & Bacon together, such as a Poink Sandwich.
Psychs”         – Exclamation when 2 people feel or think the same thing together.
Ridab”           – I Am Riding In A Cab Right Now, “I am Ridab”
Ridike”          – I Am Riding A Bike Right Now, “I am Ridike”
Ridmike”      – I Am Riding A Motorbike. (Yeah you get it now!)
Ridube”        – I Am Riding The Tube Now (London Bias there), “I am Ridube”
Ridus”           – I Am Riding On A Bus Right now, “I am Ridus”
Saggenge”    – Sagittarius Revenge, threat -This Sagittarius will have her revenge.
Schill”           – Have a Quiet Chill as in, Shhh-Chill man or, “I am going to have a Schill”
Shnaugh”    – Should Not Laugh, as in “I Shnaugh at you.”
Smarpitts”   – Smelly Armpits.
Sphind”        – A Medical Term for being “Smart Phone Blind”
Stethollery”  – Wearing a Stethoscope like its jewellery.
Stybulism”    – Term for “Sleep Typing” a modern day smart phone affliction!
Totance”       – Toasting Each Other At A Distance, (Chinking Glasses/Cups/Coffees etc.)
Tumhale”     – A Stomach (Tum) making Whale like noises when really hungry.
Tumisfied”   – After eating and you Tummy feels Satisfied and comfortably full.
Tunch”          – Any meal eaten between Lunch and Tea time.
Twemolexia” – Twitter Emolexia, wrongly typed emojis in a Tweet!
Vraper”         – Virtual Paper, when writing a letter to someone electronically.
Wedend”      – When your day off in the week is a Wednesday, its your weekend!
Wello”           – “Well Hello There”, a friendly greeting.
Wimu”           – Will Miss You (Wimul – Will Miss You Loads)
Wimusm”     – Will Miss You So Much
Wonabulous” – Wondrously Fabulous.
Workwend”  – Working The Weekend, “I am workwend I’m afraid.”

Please though if you use them, refer people back to our site as a thank you.
(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017

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