Instant Coffee?

The other night Lamo was describing to Harlin his evenings experience over a seminar he had delivered to a keen audience about Photography. The epilogue to this recollection was to tell her that as he left the warmth of the building he had walked out into pouring rain, without any form of umbrella protection. This by the time her returned home his demenour was more that of a drowned rat. She finished the late night conversation by advising him to have a hot cup of tea or coffee when we woke the following morning.

Lamo thought about instant coffee realising it is not in fact living up to its name.

First you have to wait for the water to boils in the kettle. Which can be a long time as the saying tells us;

A watched pot never boils.

Once it has achieved this state, you pour it into the cup over the coffee grains then have to invest more time, possibly a whole 20 seconds, in stirring to make these dissolve into the water. Most then add milk which adds even more cosmic time to the affair, as much as 10 seconds, allowing the milk to add that highly debated level of brown colouring to this liquid drink. If you have a sweet tooth, well your now into the realms of creating a historic even in making your coffee with all this time it has taken to make.

Instant coffee is such a incorrect description for this substance!

(c) Harlin and Lamo The Lion 2019