Knights Gnomes

Here was another writing challenge undertaken, started by asking for four random things and what were we given, “Red“, “Covent Garden“, “6” and “Pirate Beard“. Here is the short story that resulted from these odd things!!… Enjoy

It was a dreary overcast morning as the wind swirled up the Thames from its long cold unseen trail from the East. But this was of benefit to the unseen threat that was quietly sailing up the river in that early morning mist of 1756 almost sneaking into London like a ghost.

This little armada was made up of “6” ships all moving in unison their sails bellowing in the wind that was carrying them upstream towards the unsuspecting City where most were fast a kip after various excuses of evening shenanigans the night before, the occasional early morning baker, market trader, sleep in their eyes not looking towards the quiet swell of the river. Captain “Pirate Beard”, whose parents had no imagination when it came to names, was leading this little invasion fleet as it cut through the water towards Tower Bridge. His plans starting to come into play like a chess board. He had already sent his son, Ensign Junior Pubic Beard ahead to infiltrate the bridges lift control, as they approached there was a pre-arranged flash of flame torch lit light communication back to the ships and the bridge span started to rise.

The ships passed beneath this magnificent structure, their masts free to pass without hindrance although the workmen who should have been operating it that early morning did not live to see it. His father had taught him well. They sailed on and finally made their moorings on the North Bank before they came into view of Westminster Palace. Disembarking they had but one place in mind, through the few streets that would bring them into this magical place known as “Covent Garden”.

As the mist swirled in the dimly lit streets, sunrise not yet having crept over the horizon, they snuck at a fair pace, swords in their sheaths held tight so as not to make any unwanted noise that may have awoken resistance they didn’t need. Soon they stood looking upon the cobbled stone square thinking this is ours for the taking, little did they know of the secret London had always held that was about to be unleashed upon them.

Long before the Roman’s had built what would become a capital that they would go on to lose, was the hidden underground army of the “Knights Gnomes“. For centuries had they protected this Island, unseen, unknown living in anonymity yet when called upon by nothing more than a patriotic duty would they hold back those who would think to conquer this land yet alone just London! So it was that as “Pirate Beard” and his men stood to take on all who would oppose their dominance that the Knights Gnomes came forth from the sewers and all the other crevices too small to be seen as a threat and so the “Battle Of Kingley Street” was fought, the battle was short yet the those cobbled streets ran “Red” with the blood of pirates that morning.

As London started to awake to the soft rolling light of the Sun, so the Gnomes had washed the streets and removed the bodies of war. Followed swiftly by the sinking of the “6” ships of the ill-fated armada, that if you were to dig into the murky mud of the Thames bed would still be found to give testimony to the saviors that live unseen yet the story is lost in history with not even urban legend uttering a whisper to this.

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

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