The Harlam “Time Lord” Effect

One of the things we find amusing in our conversations is the effect of time zones upon us. Harlin in India and Lamo in the UK there is a difference of four and a half hours during British Summer Time which moves to five and a half when the UK screw with the clocks.

We now find this amusing when we talk, as Harlin will talk to Lamo as being in her past. Whilst  he will often write in messages as though she in his future. We think almost as  being like Time Lords, (Dr Who). Although without a TARDIS, (As we sadly can’t travel to see each other with one), but we are communicating with someone not in our own time.

It makes to bring a smile to each other thinking they have received a message from the past or the future.

Here is the thing though, it can easily be forgotten that we are separated by time. For example if we are talking when it is 6pm, (UK GMT) then Lamo will forget that it is coming up to the midnight hour for poor Harlin whose eyes are starting to get very heavy, (Without Hypnosis). Of course conversely when she awakes all fresh and frisky in the morning to send a cheery greeting, then he of course is now the one who has gone of to the land of dreams in what can be seen as the late night or very early morning of her past.

We now bear this in mind if we have left pesky notification noises for messages on our phones, that yes we are now putting ourselves right in the firing line to be awoken at an hour when only Ghouls, Goblins and Elves should be awake. If you like us have someone you communicate with across distances so great they distort time between you, then think to  bear this in mind.

Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017

Humanity prevents Living In The Moment.

We two have often said to each other, when those moments of sadness have fallen upon the other, about trying to live in the moment. Many of you we are sure to would have heard or even had this quoted to you also perhaps in times of hardship in your own lives? As this is where those people say you will find a happier state of being. However the following thought is flowing, (Currently), through our conversations.

Lamo has postulated, (Great word that), that his mind has moved to another thought on living in the moment now. Which is this. If we were to live purely in just the moment, which has  no reference to either our past or future, then do we not in effect become immortal in thought?

In the essence of living in the moment we would no longer be looking at the time for us which has passed nor also that of our lifespan yet expected, perhaps hoped, to come would we?

Mortality, which is allegedly what makes us human is based on the fact that we do  understand our lives to have a very limited physical time span? Our minds see that of our life which has already gone but also spend time contemplating how much we may have left in the future, thus understanding that condition which makes us human, of being mortal?

At the moment then we now wonder if this is why living in the moment is not something we as human beings can actually do for it is impossible for us to lose our humanity is it not?

Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017

The Interfaces of the Soul?

In one of our more philosophical, spiritual, perhaps actually “deep” conversations is a much more apt description, we found ourselves talking over an idea from Lamo, that perhaps the Soul is actually some form of a multi interface entity of some sort?

What do we mean, well lets start with the big one, is the mind just one interface that is somehow connected to our Souls? Does the human mind act merely as some sort of input device that allows the Soul to interact with this current perceived physical reality? This being the reason why we can’t understand the Mind because it is not what actually makes us us but is just an means of getting input from this reality to the Soul? It is our soul that is actually who we are?

Harlin took this thought a little further in that maybe our belief, feeling towards the spiritual realm is actually just another interface of our Soul? That sense of being connected to some higher spiritual plane is just another unseen connection of what is our Soul?

We both thought about the fact we often use the term, Soul mates, wondering if perhaps a Soul has a few special interfaces to others that we believe connects those two people so strongly?

We have come to name this between us with the term, “Psychs“, were for no explainable reason one knows what the other is thinking, or feeling. Not through telepathy but through a more plausible unseen connection that exists between the two Souls.

The dictionary defines this as; “Psychomancy” – occult communication between souls or with spirits.

Thus we came to wonder if for all these reasons perhaps the soul is some form of multi interfaced unknown, even unknowable, entity. A little like we think of a computer having many interfaces but in this case it is to all those  things we can’t explain?

Lets finish with everyone’s favourite, Death, which could simply be the soul moving through yet another of these hidden connections to some other place, leaving behind this current physical reality that was seen through that we call the mind?

Hairdressers Are Secret Cloners!

On a visit to the hairdressers, Harlin had the thought about all that hair that they sever from your scalp to make you feel all nice and neat again. Being very medically knowledgeable she saw all those strands of discarded hair as a sea of DNA to be collected. She started to wonder if there is a secret lab  where they take all this discarded human blueprint material to extract that special double helix.

Then in those petri dishes, test tubes and what ever else they may have stored away in those secret labs, they cook up our duplicates????

Could this raise a new level in identity theft perhaps? Where they could grow peoples fingers and thumbs for those supposed unique fingerprints we assume are so secure?

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017

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