Rules Of Imagination

Lamo was sat pondering about the boundaries of the human imagination this weekend. (Well it is the sort of thing he does.) What he was pondering is the idea that it cannot be as unlimited as many say it is. Here he tries to explain the thinking behind this rather profound notion.

It is based on the fact that we as humans are in essence just another construct, among billions, that have formed within the vast Universe that we see around us. Like all the other things that exist here, no matter how strange, complex, big or small, they must all adhere to the laws of the Universe.

Here then is Lamo’s question. As humans are bound by these unseen yet unbreakable rules then can our imagination truly have the ability to conceive of things that cannot exist outside of them? We know that People will say that it is “Science Fiction” when someone creates a crazy unbelievable idea because it simply can’t exist in the Universe as fact. Yet we have seen time and time again that as we, (Humanity), have developed that these ideas once seen as impossible to be believed, have proceeded to go from being Science Fiction to actual Science fact!

Who is to say that in the future the things that are currently written from the imagination of humans as impossible will not be shown to be plausible in the near or distant future? In fact with the Universe being as unimaginably, (Like what we did there?), huge as it is, it must be possible that much of what we consider wild imagination actually exists.

Einstein Knew

The great Albert Einstein penned the quote that agrees with this thought;

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Surely our imagination being a part of us is governed by the same unbreakable rules laid out in the operating manual of the Universe?

We cannot operate outside of these limitations therefore it must follow that neither can our imagination. If it did then surely it would mean that we are actually constructs outside of the Universe we currently know. (Which we clearly know we are not?)

Here is a thought to try to explain why we might consider creative imagination as unlimited when in fact it is still following the Universal hand book. When an artist draws a far fetched image that isn’t real if we analyse it objectively then we will see that this actually just contains mashed up constructs of things can exist within the Universe. It is not that the artist has actually created something that can’t exist. They have not actually imagined something that is beyond those binding rules of the Universe. They have simply mixed existing things together.

Think of it like this as a sort of analogy. It is no different than when humans mix different alcoholic drinks to create something that we might claim didn’t exist before! Here though is the important crux of this comparison. All those ingredients are known, they are constructs that can exist within the rules of existence in the Universe. The resulting mixed drink, whilst not having existed before, could have because it is made from ingredients that already exist without breaking the rules. It is simply that we had not yet mixed those ingredients in this way until our imagination created it.

Here is the key point we are trying to make, that no matter how outlandish or weird that mixed drink is, it is not new. It is still based on those original defined constituent parts, (Rules of this drinks Universe if you will!), we have not broken, or gone outside of these with this new drink we have imagined.

Imagination Follows Rules

It is simply a mash up of Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Wine, pre defined building blocks. It is the same as anything else we as humans can imagine, it must follow the rules of the Universe, it does not actually break them. We hope this analogy makes sense. (I know it is very alcoholic but we hope makes the point.)

Yet do not despair at this thought as like all things it is a two sided coin, which has a rather wonderous up side due to these Universal restrictions our imagination must have to follow.

We think this though must be a good thing for the following reasoning. It must also hold true that all these great things we can imagine, however unbelievable they may seem, that they must exist somewhere now or can will sometime in the future. For we are not able to conceive of anything that can’t! As they are built from the human mind which itself is simply a base construct that is based on the rules of our Universe.

We leave you with this incredible concluding thought that must be true;

As our imagination operates within the rules of the Universe then all that it can conceive must exist now or in the future to come.”

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019