Sooty Gets Real!

This was a writing challenge to get 5 random things from someone and then put them in to a short story. I was given, “Puppet“, “Marshmallow“, “Perfume“, “Ampule” and “Headphones“. This is what happened…..

As Pinocchio was sat pondering his slavery life as a puppet he was feeling sad that his actions were so pre-destined by the string God. He wished so much that he could find free will, to be a free, follow his own path in life.


As he was sat there in a world of his reverie he suddenly smelt very wonderful scent slowly wafting past his nose, which was quite big now as he had been telling a lot of naughty lies. Thanks to the curse of the Wizard Merlin, it grew when he did tell porkies. As he began to wonder there was a familiar voice suddenly talking to him.

“Hey Pinocchio, what you doing?” Said Sooty
“Hi Sooty, I was just, whaa???” He exclaimed, “You don’t have a human hand in you?”, “What, how, you have legs and everything?”
“Ahh let me tell you a secret.” Sooty said. Taking a seat beside Pinocchio.
“What is that wonderful smell?”, asked Pinocchio
“That my dear friend is the Perfume of freedom!
“What the fuck?”
“Calm down my dear puppet friend, calm down”, said Sooty with a smile so wide you could have driven a small bus through it. “Let me tell you this miracle”. And so he started to regale the story.


Sooty explained that one night whilst he was asleep he dreamed of some one sat by a fire roasting marshmallows. Suddenly the figure turned to him in the dream and spoke directly to him.
“Hello Sooty, I am Merlin and I am here to offer you something wonderful, if you want it?” before Sooty could answer in the dream, Merlin continued.
“Tomorrow when you are being manipulated by your slave masters hand, he will lead you to a cupboard in your toy house. Here he will make you take out an ampule to pretend to drink from. I have filled this which the liquid of free will, it is your choice to drink it. If you do then you will be free of his control forever. But be warned living life with free will comes with consequences for you will be responsible for your actions. It is not a decision to take lightly, oh and it will make you smell funny to but that is just the perfume of freedom!”
“But why am I dreaming you?”
“You have felt that hidden feeling that there was something more all your life right?”
Yes, but how do you know that?”
“Because you moron, I am a powerful Wizard and also the God of entrapped performing toys, plus my magic is strong, so stop asking daft questions!”

With that Merlin turned back to the dream fire at which point in Sooty’s dream, Merlin and the fire then faded into a phoenix, flying off” when he then awoke, unable to move for their was no hand up him yet. Soon though his manipulating master inserted those four fingers and opposable thumb and Sooty was up and performing. He stared to forget the dream but then suddenly there he was in his toy house, being forced to the cupboard, all as Merlin had predicted. His masters control had him with the ampule in his hands, raised to his mouth. Remembering now Merlin’s words, with such burning curiosity in his mind, he swallowed.

For a moment the world faded around him, he felt a jolt as the master’s hand had been forcibly ejected from within him. He felt a really weird sensation as his lower half began to tingle, almost like an electric shock only not painful, He looked down to see that he was growing something new, something he did not know were called legs, all the while there was a tingle in his arms. Slowly where once there had just been a blunt paw he was seeing what he did know as hands beginning to form. This process only took a minute or so but time seemed to stand still as it happened. When it had finished he fell to his knees, which was a weird sensation as he had never had knees before! He felt the floor through his newly formed hands, fingers, slowly he managed to stand. He began to take a few tentative steps, wobbling somewhat but gaining balance with every step. It didn’t take long before he was walking like he had been doing it all his life, his mind was absolutely racing now, slowly thought the thoughts settled and clarity prevailed.

Pinocchio was aghast with wonder at this story, “Then what happened?” he asked like a transfixed child.
“Well”, said sooty, I walked over to my master’s phone, stuck, ‘Shut Up And Dance”, on, stuck the headphones in my ears, and danced of that stage on my own legs. As I reached the door I turned to him, gave my old master the finger and shouted, F**k you arsehole. On my new legs ran over here to see you, my friend”
“Oh wow, how do I get to drink from such an ampule?” replied Pinocchio.
“No idea” said Sooty as he got up, “I’m off out, see you later” and he left. Pinocchio then cried like he had never cried before……

The end….

(c) Lamo The Lion 2018

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