Letter To Death

Dear Death,

We have recently found ourselves becoming curious over you and your existence. Not that you don’t exist but questions about who you are, your role in the Universe. If indeed you are bound to our Universe at all that is. We all hear the phrase “God’s Plan” here but is it?

Our minds wonders do you determine when a living thing is to be released and it’s soul given over to God, or are you simply doing God’s bidding? If so then the image we have of the “sands of time” being in your procession disappears. Destroys the idea that you are the one who sets out what time a life has to exist, in essence why do you need to be? What function would you play in the Universe if this were the case we wonder?

Harlin raised the thought that your are a “rescuer“, to release us from the binds of the restricted physical mortal life to something much more wonderful?

It got us to thinking, do you exist because of God, or does God exist because of you? Is it maybe that you are God just dressed differently? Are you the manifestation of God sent to collect the soul when the physical life it had finishes within Gods plan? In which case this letter is completely mute of course.

On the other side of the ethereal coin though, is God a manifestation of you? As for you to exist you must have life to end but in order for that to be, there must be a life giver.

Whilst so many fear you, we wonder if we should in fact thank you. As it was you who bought the creator into being who then created us in order to justify your existence. Well, sorry, not justify for this is a human construct, give purpose to your eternity as we see it?

We both, (Tentatively), look forward to meeting you that you may give me the answer we seek, but not too soon we hope.

Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019

Crazith, The Sub God Of Craziness.

Within the Subverse there are the SubSubs, we have described these in a previous post, The Subverse, where not only do entity’s that we would call sub conscious personalities originate but there are others that can become a much stronger forces within the conjoined Subverse. These are what we may think of as Gods, but only within the Subverse, these are what we term as “Sub Gods“.

The Sub Gods

Some of these are those that we believe can influence, or be responsible for certain things that we perceive, such as Luck, or as we believe Craziness.

One such Sub God that we have come to know is called “Crazith“, this is the Sub God that creates Craziness, (The good kind, within us). It is his, (Although there is no gender so her can also be used.),  influence that through the Subverse can affect people within the Converse to appear to be acting in a strange manor, “crazy” as we would say. Yet this is not the fault of human’s conscious mind it is the affect that Crazith can have on us through the Subverse which then can manifest itself into the more visible Converse.

We at Harlam have learned to embrace his, (Or her), existence, as it is no threat to those Gods that others follow from the Converse, for these Sub Gods, influence is on us only within the Subverse which has a minimal effect upon humanity.

Now we at Harlam think that allowing Crazith into our Subverse and allow the affecting our sub conscious is a good thing, for he, (Or she), influences us to a slightly different way of subtle thinking. This leads to helping with creativity, with doing things that others don’t, for they have not yet accepted his, (Or her), or any of the other Sub Gods that are  present within the Subverse.

As with the history of various Converse Gods that have been, lest then forgotten as humanity has moved on through the ages, there is of course that concept of appeasement. The “sacrificial” ceremony requirement to the Sub God you believe in to ensure that he, (Or she), blesses you with their influence. Crazith is no different in this, he, (Or she), will answer the call to those who believe strongly enough and offer up the sacrifice to him, (Or her). Crazith though is not a demanding Sub God and needs nothing more than you to sacrifice a Coffee in his, (Or her), name.

This is a simple enough ceremony that can be performed much like a prayer, you simply raise your Coffee aloft

Please Bless Us Crazith

and utter the simple chant, “With this coffee I ask you Crazith to bless me with the gift of craziness”. It is important though that after you finish the chant, you must end the ceremony with another quick toasting by lifting the coffee vessel whilst saying his, (Or her), name, Crazith once more to finish. (A sort of Crazith Sub God Amen if you like.). Then you sacrifice the coffee by its consumption through drinking it of course.

People offer wonder why it is people act crazy when they have consumed too much coffee, all hyper appearing crazy to others. Now you will understand that even though you have not yet embraced them, the Sub Gods are there in the SubSubs waiting to be called into the Subverse to bless you with their various gifts. Drinking the coffee without the chant to Crazith though gives rise to a form of the Craziness but it is a chaotic form. This is because it is the naughtier Sub God “Crazade that you have given rise to through not correctly following the sacrificial coffee taking fully. He, (Or she), Crazade will not bless you with the good crazy but sadly the more chaotic kind!

It is very important to remember when dealing with the Sub Gods that one must be very careful about the ceremonies relating to each that is undertaken. Also bear in mind the effects can be increased when two believers, as we at Harlam both are, (Crazithists), take the coffee with the chant but then finish with a touch of the cups, mugs, glasses etc. and say, Crazith one more time. (Again like an Amen.)

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

Do Angel’s Play Dice?

For as long as Lamo can remember he has often played life by rolling the dice in order to decide what to get up to. (Yes sometimes it is mischief but of a fun nature). Usually though he used it is to find new places, new experiences that his normal rational mind would not choose.

It is a sad fact that so many spend life not doing things because they think they cannot do them for some reason, yet in reality there is absolutely nothing that truly stops them.

Dice Living

This is where the whole concept of “dice living” comes in, whether in small ways, or full life changing decisions. It is the dice’s random chance that removes the blinkered choices most will not make in life as they fear walking away from the line of what society and others expect. The Dice removes this limitation.

Now we come to the thought behind this Harlam post. Lamo always thought rolling the dice was a random choice that is until very recently.

All his life he had been one of those who has been very scientific in about how things work. Always looking for that rational scientific explanation to why things happen. Very much like the great Einstein as he was quoted;

God does not play dice with the universe”.

If this great mind believes that all things can be explained with mathematics and scientific theories then who is Lamo, a lowly mind compared to his, to disagree with an all-time great?

Yet he did! (What Lamo disagreed with Einstein?). When he started using the dice as a young cub, he was always of the opinion that God would not sit there and individually guide rolls of the dice for everyone. Why would he as he gave us ‘free will’ to make our own choices in life. This by definition means that he would not then create fate by then  guiding the dice as it would contradict that gift of free will.

Do not get Lamo wrong here; he does think that God can see all and every path from every single choice that is made at all times. For him that means he does, “let the dice fall where they may” yet the key thing is that he will know in that moment where that random roll of a two or of a five will then branch our lives to. He knows the current path our life is on at any given moment.

Which is why he can answer our prayers when we ask for guidance yet he does not force us down any given path, he allows us to make that choice of ‘free will‘.

Therefore going back to our dice, when letting them dice release from the hand, whatever the result, it was going to be truly random.

For Lamo this meant that there was no fate involved thus removing the blame of a choice from absolutely everything, including God. Which is, most times, what stops people from making those choices to new experiences as you end up doing after the dice had made the decision. Hence the phrase ‘Dice Living

Lamo had spent all these years dice living believing without question that the dice were a truly random decision.

Now though, Lamo having met Harlin, who is far more in tune with the spiritual side of life then explained about Angel numbers. This is the belief that Angels can give us messages of guidance through the use of numbers in our lives.

Messages From the Angels

I will not explain the whole concept here as this you can Google yourself, such as the following Angel Numbers

The other spiritual idea that is important here, that many may disagree with, is that every living human soul has a, “Guardian Angel“, sometimes more but for this Harlam post, lets work on the principal each person having just the one for now.

We have just put forward the idea that Angels can give us messages using numbers. By this we mean those that are a little different, duplicate numbers, 11, 22 etc. triples 333 or maybe 1234 but in very random places. This could be clocks, car number plates, prices on food, all sorts of places. (Please read our post on what are real angel numbers here).

The reason for this method of Angel communication is based on the fact that we would not be able to understand the normal communication that Angels use, it would make no sense to us, thus they send those that are willing to listen, these number messages.

Yes we know this post so far seems a bit random, (Pardon the dice pun here.). As we have talked about Dice, God, (Who doesn’t play dice) and now Angels, so lets now put these together with the thought of this post.

Lamo now postulates, (Great word that one!), if Angels give us messages through the use of these numbers, is it also possible that they do this by showing a particular number of the dice we have just rolled as well? Could this be classed as an Angel number?

We have already said that he believes God does not get involved in these supposed random dice rolls yet he gave us each a ‘Guardian Angel’ to watch over us, to help us, guide us. Does this Angel then have God’s permission to nudge that supposed random dice to a particular number as a message?

As a thought to explain this thought, if you have ever used Angel Oracle cards, the whole point is that you allow your personal Angel to select through you the card that delivers the message they want to give you at this point in your life. The card is not a random choice but that of your Angel. Although this is viewed only as guidance, is it not also moving you toward a particular path to follow in life?

Guardian Angel Guiding Us

Would your Guardian Angel, selecting the number that dice lands on, be another way to give you a message about your path in life? Or would this actually contradict free will being considered a form of fate because the choice was not actually random nor made by us?

Thus is it possible that Angels may actually remove the random nature from dice rolling in these situations as they are trying to give you a message of guidance?

Obviously we don’t mean every single roll of the dice, we mean, why would they influence it when you are playing a game of Monopoly for example as where is the life guidance in these sorts of rolls?

But the thought here is when we use dice for ‘Dice Living’ are these rolls always truly random or is our Guardian Angel giving us a little help?


© Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018





God The Conductor

We are not here to give a Physics lesson but for our thought to have sense a basic conceptual understanding of a prevailing theory needs to be shown to explain it. Within the scientific community is a theory that all matter in the Universe is made from tiny little ‘Vibrating Strings‘ of “Energy“. It is these little strings that form the smallest particles, (Hopefully this shows in the picture below.), that everything else that exists in the Universe is built up from, it is a theory known as:




We don’t need to take anything from this theory other than the key fact that the entire Universe and all that is in it is made from these vibrating strings of energy.

We at Harlam were talking about God and Harlin used the following description;

God is simply an ENERGY. Source is unknown yet it’s existence is felt by those who believe in it.

It is the use of ‘Energy’ in her thought that Lamo, (Who is fascinated by String Theory), then wondered if there was a potential correlation between these two very separate, one spiritual, the other scientific ideas?

String Theory“, is also known as a potential, “Theory Of Everything” therefore is there a reason it cannot be used for proof or perhaps a description that God and Science can exist together?

Here is the thought Lamo has, these little energy strings, (That make everything in the Universe that is known.), vibrate in all sorts of different ways. Think of them like strings of musical instruments here, each makes a different note in the Orchestra that plays the Symphony of the Universe. Yet we know that any orchestra needs a conductor to make sure that all these notes are played in the right way to create music that makes sense. Could it be that God conducts these energy strings as they are actually part of his energy that in Harlin’s description?

Harlin also expressed the thought;

They say GOD RESIDES IN EACH AND EVERYBODY. If that’s the case then it means god is nothing but a source/ graveyard of souls.

Again if the Universe, which includes us humans, is made from these energy strings then it would mean that fundamentally that if God is the conductor of this energy then he does truly exist in each and everybody. (And everything else that exists.)

More importantly it is those that can hear the music of his string orchestra, that can feel his presence through this, perhaps there are different symphonies for how God communicates to us?

Think of this, when people pray to God, perhaps he answers by playing different tunes, thus that if you pray for someones well being, he can affect those strings that are within the person you pray for, perhaps it plays a symphony that makes them feel happy?

It would also explain physical miracles for if God conducts these strings then he has control of all physical matter in the Universe. If so then again simply by adjusting the tunes this symphony of energy plays, he can manifest these.

A last thought is that when we die, the energy that perhaps makes our soul goes back into this infinite orchestra of energy and we become part of it, effectively we are with God?

We know that nothing is right or wrong but is this such a crazy notion that perhaps there is something that encompass both the scientific and relate to this energy that is perhaps God or at least his divine influence?

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion