Harlins’ 15 Point Cons Of Long Hair!

Some time in the depths of 2018 Lamo asked Harlin about her long hair in regard to what it was like in living with. She has incredibly long but very lush beautiful hair. He was rather surprised by her responses which we have now dug back out from the annuals of Harlam’s history to post here for your education or is that enjoyment?

For those of you who are blessed or burdened with long hair you may well agree with these points. They are written more for those thinking about growing their hair longer, for that reason here are the daily issues as raised by Harlin in living with such length. Lamo thinks Harlin’s has the most amazingly beautiful hair ever it should be noted.


The 15 Cons Of Having Long Hair (By Harlin)

1. You can never go out with open hair anywhere for a long time period as it will always get tangled easily. (Unless your hair is super duper silky and smooth.)

2. ‎You must always carry a comb. (Seriously you have to.)

3. ‎Washing is never enjoyable unless it’s done by someone else in a hair saloon. ArmDay With such a length bending over with your hair down not only hurts your spine but  your neck as well, especially when it’s done for 10 to 15 mins. OUCH!‎ You can never  wash your hair in upright position, facing shower.

4. One wash is never enough. Cuz of the bulk you have to go in fighting it for round two. To make sure every root and tip has been washed.

5. ‎With the shear amount to was, there is too much water wastage. I can never support and protest with the, “save water, save earth” crews. They’ll definitely kill me. 😂

6. ‎After washing comes drying. Don’t ask how much time does it take to dry my hairy planet. It takes forever in the Winter season, (even after blow drying.) You may not believe this but is takes more than 12 hrs to let em dry on their own. Summers though are much more hair friendly.

7. ‎Combing is more like cursing. Especially when done by others. (Sorry mom.) When mom was in charge of my hairy planet she used to oil my land before landing the comb. (Smart!). But oiling has to be limited during the summer months, cuz you sweat a lot and all the oil starts to nourish your face instead of …. 😉 well you got it. Also our scalp produces its own oil naturally. Therefore, 5 to 6 drops would be enough but that doesn’t solve the problem of tangles.

As a result hair gets pulled while combing. (Thank god I’m brown not black. Otherwise the Afro hair gene would have made me go bald, no kidding)

8. Tieing your hair is biggest problem. People think that long hair means more styling, an opportunity to experiment with your hair all the time. Well f**k no. Ain’t no body got time for that. It’s actually a headache. With length like this you could either go with a braid, low ponytail (if voluminous) or a bun. Ponytail doesn’t last longer for it requires combing to avoid tangles. So on daily basis it’s either a braid or a bun.

High top Buns and Pony tails are the main reasons for headaches, cuz of the heavy burden, (volume). It’s like balancing a weight on your head and trying to act normal. Its the same as balancing books on your head while ramp walking. So girls if you’ve got less hair volume, be thankful! Why? Because you can do whatever you like with your hair. (Most importantly, you can let it flow freely.)

9. ‎Interrupts my sleep: I can never ever ever freely toss from one side to another while sleeping. Cuz the length always gets stuck under my head SleepHair and upper body.

10. ‎Say goodbye to wearing hoods. (Hoodies as the kids say today.) Man I love that type of clothing. For me to wear a hood is not that easy. I have to keep my hair under the shirt to put the hood over my head. But I have found another solution. I now use the hood as a pocket/ storage box for my hair. It conceals my length 😂 and solves the problem of tangles. BOOM GENIUS!

11. ‎Even sitting is difficult, especially when your hair is butt long. I used get my hair pulled by my own butt whilst sitting. (How weirdly funny is that!!) But not any more because I’ve chopped/ trimmed a few inches off and now they are only reaching the very top of my butt.

12. ‎Hair fall: Yes it’s normal and common. But irritating and saddening at some point when you see those long strands everywhere.

13. ‎Colouring greys!!!! Wish i was a millionaire or if there was a permanent solution for it. Seriously it costs me a lot.

14. ‎Nourishing is not an easy job because every time i think about treating my hair nice with eggs, curd, lemon, almond coconut oil or even putting a hair mask, they all follow washing, which is cumbersome, tiring and time consuming. Thanks to mom for all of her effort when i was kid. No really thank you mom.

15. ‎Shampoos and conditioner should be available like petroleum. Seriously, it’s my hair’s basic necessity!!!

I know it’s a hustle to manage such beauty but hey!!! The hair has never disappointed me and always bring me compliments. 😊

16. There is of course another very important point that we should add here, which relates to a story we broke here at Harlam. You need to be aware that with longer hair you are fair more prone to the naughty behaviour of, Hairdressers Are Secret Cloners!


The conclusion is self evident, having long luscious hair is not as easy as others may think it becomes as much a part of Harlin’s life as eating. We hope you both enjoy the points she made in answering Lamo’s question about having such long hair. If there are any you would like to share with us then please do leave them in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

Although as Lamo said;

Hair, what is it good for, absolutely nothing, say it again, Hair!


(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019


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Then in those petri dishes, test tubes and what ever else they may have stored away in those secret labs, they cook up our duplicates????

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(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2017